Be Proud of Who You Are

Seductive pigFor decades, the right wing has painted liberals as “humanistic  (as if caring about humanity is a negative) bleeding hearts”, whose goal is to undermine democracy to the ultimate decline of Western Civilization.  Liberals are immoral, elite, unpatriotic ingrates who threaten the moral fabric and time-honored values of American life.  Lately, liberals have been dubbed socialists and far worse by opposition. Our chief executive is pilloried daily as minor minds and hate-mongers question the validity of his addressing even America’s youth in their schools.  Such open hatred is a cancer growing at the very heart our Democratic Republic.

Ignore the fact that conservatives label liberals Socialists and worse, yet when cornered,  can’t even explain what these monikers mean or why liberals earn them.  Overlook the right’s inability to express themselves beyond simple phrases and lies conjured up by right-wing hatemongers and deep-pocketed special interest groups. Blind yourselves to the corruption and hypocrisy that have become fundamental to the GOP MO.  Disregard the contradictions,  the daily statements and subsequent denials in the face of existing media that clearly refutes them.  Pretend not to notice pundits like Glen Beck as they present baseless arguments or worse, lies as truth, doubling back on themselves in  mid-sentence.

Step through the looking glass.  Live in the moment.  Tomorrow will dictate what you must say then.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Lie. Today’s lie is tomorrow’s talking point.

That’s why I prefer the pig to the Dem’s donkey.  Throughout history, pigs have been maligned. As delicious as they are, pigs get a bad rap.  They’re considered unclean.  Their cloven hoof freaks some folks out. (They obviously never saw my grandpa’s feet.)

Though smart, unenlightened critics consider them stupid. They’re forced to live in squalor.  And they indeed acclimate.  But treat a pig with respect and you find a different beast altogether.  They are a product of their environment.

Democrats and liberals have eaten the shit of the right (who consider themselves the arbiters of all that is moral and sacred) for years and like pigs, we rolled over, refusing to “sink to their level.”  Unfortunately, lack of protest registers tacit consent. Our dignity has made us culpable and that must change.

We need to remember our roots, which are the very foundation of our democratic republic.  When through their ignorance or viciousness the right tries to diminish us in the eyes of the public, we need to remember and celebrate who we are, ever mindful of the malleable dynamic of both parties through time.  Because labels can mislead.

In my opinion, the  donkey is an inadequate representation of liberals. That’s why I prefer to think myself a pig. Those who abuse usg are simply uninformed.  Let them think us unclean and repugnant.  Truth refutes it.

Let’s remember who we are and be proud.  We need not be like them.  Let’s stick to truth, and conviction. By virtue of our intellect, principles and honor,  we must seek the high road. Their hate, lies and animus will ultimately expose their leaders as opportunistic, narcissistic sociopaths and the their followers as entranced lemmings.  As their leadership falters, more of the lemmings will rise to be lost.

We have seen that when repeated enough, lies ring true. We must overcome this sad fact with honor. We must be better than them in principle, practice and in what we preach. We must lead by example.   Should we fail, the nation and ultimately the entire world faces castigation in minds numbed by sanctimony and hubris.

Hate has proven its winning ways. Honor’s sole defense is action. Vigilant oversight must bring decisive action.

Calmer heads must prevail. The better angels of our nature must win. The ill-informed, seething mob must be silenced by truth and reason as we demand that the well heeled politics of special interest finally be set aside.

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