Republicans Go Straight Bitch on Obama



Last night, throughout a highly-anticipated presidential address to a rare Joint Session of Congress on health care, a topic that has been openly lied about by the right as they spread fear and hate nationwide throughout the summer, employing among other tactics, disruption of Town Hall Meetings; the “august” republican leadership vaulted well beyond its prior bad behavior by acting like a horde of high school punks held in detention, being forced to sit through a DARE assembly.

In a shameful display, right-wing luminaries met Obama’s brilliance with scowls as they talked among themselves, texted on Blackberries, held up signs as if they were at some backwoods campaign rally and even cat-called to label him a liar.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In short, they acted like total ass-holes.

It’s one thing to pump up ill-informed constituents with lies and inject them into public forums to attempt a total breakdown of meaningful communication on a subject as critical as Health Care but quite another to act like simpering, sniveling little bitches in the hallowed halls of Congress.  When the standard bearers for the Republican Party act so contemptuously,  I  find it hard to blame the rank and file who emulate their leaders.

The speech was amazing. That these petulant, infantile, self-absorbed, myopic, bitch-ass punks behaved so badly is proof positive that they are simply unworthy of their stations.  These grown ass men and women should be ashamed of themselves and so should their constituents.

Rep Joe Wilson, (R-SC) the dick who called Barack a liar has since apologized. He fell short of saying that Barack wasn’t lying, however.  Nothing but class.

The silver lining?  On the heels of Wilson showing his ass,  the campaign coffers of Rob Miller, Joe Wilson’s opponent, have amassed over $350,000–literally overnight! You can help.

Way to go, Joe.

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5 Responses to Republicans Go Straight Bitch on Obama

  1. George Cummings says:

    Rob Miller appears to have collected approximately 500K on alone..not counting direct donations as of 8pm eastern time.
    Over a half mill in 24 and as now, the money is still coming in at about 50k/hour.
    We’re friggin’ pissed and we’re discovering the power of money in politics!!

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Idiocy and malice as fund raising tools…Perhaps we should embrace boorish behavior among the right rather than chastise them. Thanks for reading and contributing.

  3. Robert says:

    The republicans will try everything to make Obama fail, they have made that obvious.
    I am a registered republican but I think their behavior is disgraceful. Calling Sarah Palin “Dumb as a box of rocks” is an insult to rocks everywhere.
    2012 I will cast a protest vote for a 3rd party candidate.

  4. Paul Sonderman says:

    I’m among those who feel that we need dissent and I’d like to see a viable 3rd party. However, what passes for discourse these days is no better than school-yard bullying/pissing contests and both parties at times give me pause. I do feel that the right is being extremely careless, letting extreme fringe elements persuade through emotion rather than policy, philosophy or fact. It’s bad for them as well as for the entire country.

    Palin is an embarrassment to all Americans.

    Thanks, Robert.

  5. Robert says:

    What surprises me are the amount of people who are 100% for or against the healthcare legislation but are totally clueless as to what’s in the bill.
    Listening to the talking heads on Fox and msnbc gives one no real information on the bill whatsoever.
    Tea baggers are just given money by the conservatives to raise hell, nothing more.

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