Joe Wilson Tries to Cash in His Bad Behavior


Wilson: I lie, therefore I am, " So send me your money!"

Nothing is below the right.  After publicly heckling and accusing Obama of lying during his Joint Session address on Health Care, amid a hailstorm of outrage, a visibly shaken Joe Wilson quickly offered an empty, token apology that fell well short of admitting that he, himself is lying.

To this point, clearly worded language  in  Section 246 of HR 3200, proves that Wilson’s chronically repeated contention is complete, utter bullshit.  Cutting to the chase here, it reads:


    Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.

Pretty confusing legalese, that (NOT).  Yet Wilson, still insisting that the bill would provide illegals healthcare at taxpayer expense insists he’s right and on that basis, seeks to exploit this lie to fund a crusade against healthcare reform by fattening his re-election campaign war chest.

This proves that facts no longer matter.  Truth is irrelevant.  Repeat the lie until it becomes assumed true.  This is all the Republicans have, lies, piled on lies.  Not only are their scruples deeply unsettling and their motives questionable, they simply have no conscience, collective or personal.  Pathetic behavior, this.

He’s got nothing but from his actions, Joe must roll his balls around in a wheel barrow. I’ll give him that. He’s got sack.

Parallel Universe Department:  I’ve heard no criticism of Mr. Wilson’s  lame, inept  use of a teleprompter.  Calling all righties…you were all over Obama on this (and Obama kicks ass on teleprompter)–where are you on Wilson?  This guy looks like a weekend community affairs intern.

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4 Responses to Joe Wilson Tries to Cash in His Bad Behavior

  1. skyewriter says:

    Glad to see lots of people posting the section of the bill rebutting Wilson’s joke of an accusation. Section 242 does the same.

    Did you happen to see Wilson on Hannity last night? (‘cuz I know you are a *huge* Hannity fan :).

    Hannity told Wilson he has a link on for those who want to show support for him. How’s that for fair and balanced? Just did a blog post on it.

    Hope you are well, Paul.

  2. Jerry says:

    Hey Paul – glad to see you back on-line!

    A Republican coworker of mine and an Army Reservist, immediately said to me that Wilson should be impeached. When I pointed out that many Repubs were supporting his actions and even pointing to the British Parliament system where the Prime Minister has to regularly endure direct and often insulting confrontation, he just kept repeating, “He should be impeached.” I pointed out that I wouldn’t argue much if things went that way, but doing that is like taking aspirin – may alleviate some discomfort, but the illness is WAY BIGGER than that. We need a CURE – otherwise the patient is in great danger of dying! (If you catch my drift.)

  3. Paul Sonderman says:


    I’m still just nibbling at the edges of my site, I’m feeling better most days, so it’s then that I’ll write/maintain my blog. Mid-October I’ll fall back into drug-induced inactivity for the other knee but should be in decent shape by the holidays.

    Kudos to your rightie friend. Many republicans are very nice people. I find it disturbing the politics can interfere with friendships and relationships. Thanks for reading.

  4. Paul Sonderman says:


    Indeed. Thanks for checking back on me. I’ve been doing well and expecting a 90% recovery by my next knee surgery. Things just get weirder and weirder. I’m still reading but not writing much. The righties would be entertaining if they weren’t so freaking off the rails. It’s like a horror parody.

    Stay well and thanks again.

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