Why the GOP is Racist Episode 3: “Play the Ball Where the Monkey Throws it”

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If you haven’t seen my earlier posts on this subject, search “Why the GOP is Racist.”  This is the third in a series.

On racism, the Republican Party is the gift that keeps on giving.  The title quote is an excerpt of a rambling racial joke recited to an assembled group at the Family Research Council’s “Values Voters Summit last weekend.  Its point is to paint Barack Obama as a monkey and from the crowd’s reaction, the notion is indeed popular.  Despite repeated denials, excuses, claims of out of context comment  lifts,  accusations of being “liars,” the GOP keeps proving the point that they are indeed a party full of racists practicing prolific racism.

At tea parties, schmoes who can’t explain what their signs mean (because they didn’t make and don’t understand them) hoot n’ holler like a bunch of boy scouts at a bikini wax contest.  Bad enough that corporate dollars grease the skids of slime these monosyllabic Cretans sling at legitimate, well-meaning public servants. Worse, that such bullshit comes from GOP hierarchy.

Roy Blunt is no backyard, boilermaker-drinkin’  schlump.  He’s a political pro, active in GOP politics almost as soon as got a Master’s Degree from  Southwest Missouri State University in 1972.  He’s educated, engaging, and influential.  With a ready smile, an easy-going manner and political instincts honed to razor sharpness over decades, when a party “lifer” like Mr. Blunt speaks, the GOP listens.  When an official of this status feels comfortable enough to suggest such a racial slur in public, about his nation’s chief executive, it’s no accident.  He does so to score points among his base, knowing full well that he can get away with it. He’s among friends…and has an arsenal of tools to use if any shit hits the fan. No, this is deliberate. The punchline is elaborate, delivered with aplomb and rehearsed dramatic flair.

Funny stuff, here.  Blacks have been depicted as monkeys or their nearest relatives ever since white guys with superior technology, leggings and powdered wigs pictured profit through their complete domination.  Although recent history including the American Civil Rights Movement has rendered such references at most, malicious, hateful and despicable and to others, comments best uttered in hushed tones among “safe” company, there remains a sector of Americans who consider themselves above such “politically correct” convention.  They are entitled. If they look at a black and see a monkey, they have every right as free-speaking Americans, to call a “spade a spade”.  And the GOP is full of them.

Thanks, Roy.  “Blunt” is a fitting last name. “Obtuse” is even more accurate.  I’ll save my true feelings about you for “safe” company, to be uttered in hushed tones.

As for the rest of you God-fearin, “Values Voters,” please explain to me where hate is justified in the Bible–and if you can’t, please explain exactly whose “Values” is it that you hold so dear?

Hope you had a good time yukking it up with your counterparts.  I suggest that it may have been even more fun if you had some weenies, marshmallows, a burning cross and some mud people to lynch, but it appears that you did well given your limitations!

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3 Responses to Why the GOP is Racist Episode 3: “Play the Ball Where the Monkey Throws it”

  1. MG says:

    Boy-he said that punchline like we don’t know what he’s talking about.
    I just got into this huge debate with this rightie on FB who’s a friend of one my friends about the Jimmy Carter thing. Of course he trotted out the stuff about the ancient Demo party and Robert Byrd, like he really had a case, but really, nothing compares to what these people-the Teabaggers, the righty bloggers, Youtubers, and Liveleakers etc have been saying. This is 2009. Not the late 1800’s nor the 1900’s, when of course-Democrats back then were more racist, especially in the South-(Dixiecrats).
    As for the FRCVVS-looking over the speakers present and past is like looking at the ultimate rogues gallery of pushers for the meanspirited, hate-inspired ultra-right in our country.
    Nasty nasty people there!

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Any time is a good time to battle racism and hate. Some may be more opportune or less distracting than others and it may be “inconvenient” to persistently acknowledge our ongoing struggle–especially in light of the vast progress over the last several decades and best intentions of the majority of Americans.

    Many Americans (I like to think most) would like to think that racism in America is a thing of the past. Yet when open racism is displayed, especially by high-ranking government employees, I feel it must be publicly scrutinized. We can’t afford to be nonchalant or blase’ about open hate. It will drag us down. Hate kills, period.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Your input is right on target.

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