Health Care: Dems Cave to Minority Pressure

baucus_whoreDramatic “showdown” votes yesterday on inclusion of a Public Option in pending Health Care Reform legislation exposed a long discussed weakness of the Democratic Party, a perennial character flaw that surfaces any time democrats are in power (in this case, the dem-controlled senate).

The weakness is this: regardless of what our constituents think, despite how much power we wield over republicans, in total blindness to the importance of a bill beyond its political implications, dems simply refuse to do what we must to accomplish what we were elected to do.  We don’t bring home the bacon. On Health Care, we could have called this process last year.

You can count on us to ultimately cave in to minority opposition, even when the visible manifestation of it is a horde of corporate-sponsored, monosyllabic Cretans packing iron.

In other words, yesterday our neutered  Democratic Majority Senate stowed their spines in their closets, ignored the hue and cry of the majority and gave in to a bunch of hate-mongering, whining, muck-raking, miscreants, whose testicles already impeded the perilously dubious vision of Democratic Party luminaries Max Baucus and his co-signers, who in yet another in a long parade of “money talks, bullshit walks” escapades voted their career survival rather than what’s best for the nation.  And why?  For “bipartisan” legislation, which has eroded to a flaccid attempt to woo a single senate republican, Olympia Snow?  Holy mother of God.

We Democrats should be ashamed of ourselves. We are killing the Obama presidency.  It’s not like the right needs our help. They’re expert at it.  The crazier they get, the more conciliatory we appear.  Instead of “going to the mattresses,” executing maneuvers that ensure  Obama’s success until it’s safe to roll out and proceed, we lay down under ther right, an act made all the more despicable by those democrats who can’t see fit to support a public option and as a result, sabotage America’s future.

Some issues are strictly ideological–like christening another public monument to “the Gipper” or displaying the 10 Commandments on government property.  But others, like War, poverty, privacy  and Health Care are about life and death. These define and preserve who we are and our regard, not just for our citizens but for the rest of the world as well.

Let’s not lose sight of what this about.  Except for the fact that Republicans have succeeded in making every issue about winning and losing and apparently convinced the American public including its Democratic leadership of the same, this isn’t about a having a “D” or an “R’ after one’s name. To them, this is NOT about what’s best for America.

To the “right,” this is NOT about truth.  To the “right,” so long as they are memorable, winning lies trump losing truths. Repeat the lie.  Even when proven false, each day brings another manufactured controversy that turns the truth into yesterday’s news.

No, make no mistake about it–This is about the “haves” v. the “have nots.” It’s about right-wing ideologues bound and determined to win at any cost, not because they care about the country or its citizenry but because to them, all that matters is resurrecting and restoring to supremacy its party, because winning is the only thing that matters. And the most shrieking irony about the right-wing playbook is that it depends on the support of member foot-soldiers who are completely oblivious to the fact that they’re being “played” by their millionaire leaders lining their pockets with donations from their billionaire  corporate “Free Market” sponsors. The republican rank and file, fueled by hate and lies, carries the GOP water, blissfully unaware that when they fall prey to medical conditions due to their actions at the behest of the party, they’ll be left holding the bag.  It’s all party to them, even if they are its ultimate victims.

To democrats who lack the intestinal fortitude to buck up, I say, “Get the f–k out. Step aside.”  To republicans too dim to realize that they’re willingly supporting a Corporatocracy at their personal expense and against their self-interests, one that couldn’t care less about them and their families, who allow their opinions to be dictated to them by multimillionaire opportunists making fortunes off their lack of intellectual curiosity, I say “F–k you!  Get good and sick once, lose your job behind it, then your house. Since you only care about something when it affects you, Death to Taxes–enjoy”  And to the rest of America, I lament, “Fuck us,” because we continue to accept living in a nation of myopic opportunists and idiots.

Turpentine and dandelion wine
I’m turning on and I’m doin’ fine
Shootin’ at the birds on the telephone line
Pickin’ em off with this gun of mine
I got a fire in my belly
And a fire in my head
Goin’ higher and higher
Until I’m dead
Sister Sue, she’s short and stout
She didn’t grow up – she grew out
Mama says she’s plain but she’s just bein’ kind
Papa thinks she’s pretty but he’s almost blind
Don’t let her out much ‘cept at night
But I don’t care ’cause I’m all right
Oh, the sun shines bright on
My Old Kentucky Home
And the young folks roll on the floor
Oh, the sun shines bright on
My Old Kentucky Home
Keep them hard times away from my door
Brother Gene, he’s big and mean
And he don’t have much to say
He had a little woman who he whupped each day
But now she’s gone away
He got drunk last night
Kicked mama down the stairs
But I’m all right so I don’t care

-“My Old Kentucky Home”, Randy Newman

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4 Responses to Health Care: Dems Cave to Minority Pressure

  1. Haryo says:

    well i think its a good post thanks

  2. benafia says:

    It says something that the USA is the last “advanced” nation to have the individuals right to exist an important aspect of the national civic contract.

    In a moment of insanity yesterday, I turned on CNN to see what the news was, only to see a propaganda piece against the public option. Its thrust was that such a bill does not guarantee various things presumably guaranteed to you if you have the money to afford expensive health care choices.

    Defering to self centered issues over the collective ones that actually define what kind of a people we are, seems the constant drone of corporate mind molders. Why do I care if 20,000 of my fellow country folks die each year from lack of proper heath care, if I might have to wait a bit longer for a non critical appointment?

    It seems that corporatism continues its advance over the individual and society, by this deference to opportunistic advantage. This individualism dialectic that poses that I am in constant competition with all my fellow humans, so I must secure my subjective interest above the common, will succeed in destroying liberalism and its progeny; Democracy and responsible individual freedom.

    Guaranteeing ones freedom to have certain health care rights that deny others their own, is the subjective kind of freedom that divides a people into a conquered batch of individuals without recourse to common interest. The right wing seems wed to a notion of freedom that becomes self sacrificing, or suicidal, and all while those in private socialism=corporatism pull their dimmed down strings of self righteous indignation.

    Guarantee that I might not have a choice of the doctor I want? Well. How about guaranteeing the right to see a doctor at all first? This is actually a huge issue on the definition of the kind of people our nation is made of; just selfish consumers, or those who care something for one another. If it is not the later, there will be a lot more lost, and perhaps lost forever, that certain privileged guarantees.

    Once private socialism runs the whole show; From each according to their investments. To each according to their returns. Those not in this “ownership” cult will need not apply to any right, but to serve and die.

  3. Paul Sonderman says:

    I couldn’t watch much so-called news yesterday. Every time I did, I felt like a soothsayer which, of course, I’m anything but.

    I have insurance through my wife’s employer. Were that not the case, I’d be royally screwed because I require elective surgeries (skeletal) just to do moderately physical work. Without her insurance, because of her income, I’d not be eligible for these surgeries, which while it would render me functionally disabled, would also preclude me from receiving them. So, I’d be betwixt, between and totally fucked. And thanks to my wife’s insurance, I’m blessed! Millions of Americans don’t have even my worst choices.

    What most of those who so viscously disparage the medically challenged yet underinsured or uninsured among us is that in a nation as wealthy as ours, support that ensures basic health simply shouldn’t be considered a blessing. And Medical costs have risen to the point where health care simply can’t be self-funded without incredible affluence.

    Thanks for reading and for your thoughtful analysis.

  4. JimmyBean says:

    I don’t know If I said it already but …This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

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