GOP Health Care Plan: “Don’t Get Sick”

If you watch the nightly pundits, chances are you saw this.  In case you didn’t, it’s brilliant.

Of course the republican response is predictable.  I admit that Grayson’s hyperbolic presentation is “in your face.”  Even so, it lampoons a version of what the right has been trying to pass off as a plan, despite how frequently experts cite it as if not lame, only moderately ambulatory.

It includes:  “portable” insurance that survives across state lines, Individual Health Care Accounts, TORT Reform and their latest darling, the Health Care Co-op.  But Grayson’s obviously hyperbolic representation (I prefer”succinct”)  essentially  pays homage to the Bush administration’s tack of the Geneva Conventions as “quaint.”  As offensive as the GOP may find it, it’s still more honest than when the GOP refers to their plan as “comprehensive”.

The nefarious Roy “play the ball where the monkey throws it” Blunt promised a plan but the GOP never generated one.  What the GOP delivered is anything but comprehensive.  It’s  a mongrel made up of sundry components, the best of which could strengthen a plan but in no way can stand by itself as one.

And from a party that accuses democrats of backing “Death Panels,” wanting to kill our elderly,  promoting  Socialism,  Communism and “government-run” health care along with dogged production of provocative daily, baseless bullet points that party faithful can remember even when all other signs of life appear to “flat line,” the demand for an apology from Mr. Grayson is patently absurd.

I applaud Mr. Grayson for topping, at least for a day, the GOP’s daily distraction.  If Republicans want to force and frame the day’s debate and as a result dominate it, if we must counter with an oversimplification that grabs a few headlines, I’m completely down with that.

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