One Day in Denmark

Olympics Candidate CitySee the queue of right-wing piggies gathered in a row?  Hear them snorting all together, rocking to-and-fro?  Little do they know, Barack knows better.

Some nerve.  In a thinly veiled  “economic development/PR trip to Copenhagen, reportedly to lend the weight of his office for a total of 18 hours, in an effort to get the Olympics to play out their drama in his hometown and on “America’s Main Street,” Chicago, we all know what he really wants–some “me” time with Oprah.  Except that Michelle will be there.  Okay, so it’s just a feeble way to inject himself in some bush-league, international event that has, until now, had nothing to do with sitting US  presidents.  Has he no shame?  What an attention strumpet!

Allegedly, past presidents have indeed attended the Olympics but none has actively lobbied for hosting them, especially to this extent,  with a pre-event visit.  From what I can find out, only one sitting US president has attended the games, and that was George W. Bush, when China hosted them.  (If someone knows differently, please correct me with an appropriate citation).

bush_volleyball ass

"That's it, baby--back it up,!"

Amazing how little the GOP hypocrites currently blasting Obama for his pre-event trip recall about the junket their oedipal, power-crazed hero took to attend the Olympics, spending 4 days reveling in the games, relentlessly posturing for photo ops and playing grab-ass with our female volleyballers!

So everyone from No Big Deal Steele, to Ohio’s Big Boner, from  morning cable’s contemptuous “Fox  and Fiends,”  to FAUX’s nightly liars round-up indicted our president for his short trip, which if pressed, even I can criticize for but eco reasons.   Even so, Obama’s sojourn seems indeed lame in comparison with that of the right’s  beloved Curious George.

Love that GOP– so slow to remember, so quick to forget.  What low-rung, trivial pud-tugging these creeps resort to simply to divert the focus –on a daily basis–from their total dearth of ideas.   Sad studies, these.

Time to move on fellaz.  As usual with the right’s orchestrated outrage, there’s nothin’ to see here.


Well, Obama went. he saw and unfortunately, didn’t conquer.  Too bad.  Despite the relentless fertilizer right-wingers, naysayers and malcontents have been spreading about the “folly” of Obama taking a day of his time when so may critical issues hang ini the balance, to do some high-profile international economic development, I think the Olympics would have been a feather in the nation and Chicago’s hat!

By the way, Both were lying about Obama not meeting with US Army Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal.  McCrystal and Obama met on Air Force One.  Just another example of how low standards, totally absent fact checking, axes to grind and malicious intent combine to make Fox News: Your Place For Lies.

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