Rio de Jeneiro to Host 2016 Olympics

Party Over There: Rio Celebrates Victory

Party Over There: Rio Celebrates Victory


Well, Obama went. he saw and unfortunately, didn’t conquer.  Too bad.  Despite the relentless fertilizer right-wingers, naysayers and malcontents have been spreading about the “folly” of Obama taking a day of his time when so may critical issues hang in the balance, to do some high-profile international economic development, I think the Olympics would have been a feather in the nation and Chicago’s hat!

By the way, Both were lying about Obama not meeting with US Army Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal.  McCrystal and Obama met on Air Force One.  Just another example of how low standards, totally absent fact checking, axes to grind and malicious intent combine to make Fox News: Your Place For Lies. And let’s not forget Rush. He says the decision is a direct reflection of Obama’s failure. Try to find the clip on You Tube. Rush acts like he’s about to have a seizure.

But Rio do Jeneiro has much to clebrate as it prevailed to win the honor of hosting the 2016 Olympics.  Since 2016 will be the first time that the games will be held in South America, Rio should turn the Olympics OUT!  Can’t say I blame the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  Rio’s a colorful, festive city that will bend over backwards to welcome the games.

So, hats off to Brazil–all the best to Rio and to the games.

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