Town Crier Beck is the ULTIMATE Liar

beck_greenberg_gawker_gankPerhaps you don’t fall for the notion that “Round Mouth Beck,” King of outrage, Grand Poo-bah of bluster,  Dictator of indignation is a blessing.  Maybe you consider the mollusk a millionaire that acts like a child (a very BADLY behaved child) but can’t control his emotions (or for that matter, his bowels).  It could as well be that you harbor disdain  for the liar in chief primarily due to his abject inability to speak from his heart.

For any who think of him as anything less than a vicious, vile vermin and something more than an ethically corrupt, honor bankrupt perveyor of hate, fear, false outrage and lies, please check our his preparation techniques and charming banter during this photo shoot as reported by Raw Story.

Think Murrow, Cronkite, Severeid, Huntley, Brinkley Coralt or Jennings taught butt-cheez Beck how to well up on demand?

And people fall for this shit. Share this with those you love.

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