Hannity, Moore and Jesus?

hannityRawStory posted this video with the headline “Did Hannity Fib to Michael Moore about attending Mass? , a benign conclusion, given the exchange, which is about much more than Sean or Michael’s comparative religiosity.

Given that it’s a dog chasing its tail sort of an exchange as well, I don’t fault them for that:   You need a story.  You’ve got a good clip.  Where’s the “money” statement?  Everyone likes flubs in the face of direct confrontation on live TV–they entertain and inform.  A “gotcha” is today’s journalistic brass ring.  Could be there are a number of other reasons to promote this exchange with such a heading.   And even though in my opinion, none of the above transpires here, I still think it’s worth a look.

I find it interesting that from the beginning, Sean repeatedly tries to trip up Moore and that Moore so deftly dodges him, even to the extent that sphincter boy Sean says things like, “I totally agree.” Despite characteristic Hannity patronization of Moore early on, he quickly strafes, pushing a hypocrisy angle labeling Moore a “multimillionaire,” (which according to Moore’s Biblical-based line of reasoning is inherently “Heaven-challenged” by the New Testament).  Prompted by qualifications from Moore, Hannity counters, accusing Moore of having a private jet, which Moore flatly denies.  Then Hannity indicts Moore’s success.  Since Moore is a wealthy man, Hannity reasons, he had no business making ‘Capitalism: A Love Story‘.

Hannity faults Moore’s basic premise, saying, “The capitalist system allowed you to get here,” citing that if Moore were in Cuba he’d be killed by Castro for making such a film, based on an anecdote that Sean had a friend who Castro murdered forty years ago (for opposing Castro, we guess–he doesn’t say).

Moore deflects. “What about the murders that have been committed in our name…in our “Christian” name, in Iraq–to Afghanistan?” Hannity accuses Moore of diversion, then shifts to the 9-11 report, his point being that it says “they” were “at war” with us.

The  dance continues, with Moore essentially stressing that we attacked nations for the actions of religious extremists, and Hannity claiming that war is war.  “Michael, ,if they ever get the bomb…(Michael laughs…) …Hannity continues, “When they’re dedicated–” (Moore snickering) Hannity:  “Well, you know, Pol Pot, the Killing Fields, Soviet Gulags and Soviet Russia, 30 million people…Nazi Germany, you know, you CAN have mass murder and atrocity in our lifetime. (Moore, “Absolutely…absolutely”. There are some horrible, horrible things that have happened. So your point is?) Hannity: “My point is obvious…” Moore interrupts, asking why we invade countries who had noting to do with the attacks.  Hannity says, “I do believe this, if we got it wrong, Bill Clinton got it wrong…”  (There you go–after all these years–just shy of a decade, still Bill Clinton)…”Hillary Clinton got it wrong” (Wha?? When was she president?) “The Israelis got it wrong.. (Why were we using their counsel against such obviously conflicted nations?) ” The Soviets got it wrong…” (again, why are we looking to them? They had no axe to grind with Afghanistan?)  “Every major power got it wrong…” (Except that our action was unilateral, Sean.  We formed a token coalition and jumped in without really waiting on the rest.

Moore points out that no, unlike Sean’s synopsis, we acted against the advice of the other countries with which we consulted.  Most advised against our action. Despite the abysmal result and current state of foreign affairs, Hannity contends that we must attack anyone who attacks us–but not just them, but any nation or ideology remotely affiliated with them–instead of targeting the ACTUAL extremists.

When asked how many terrorists he thinks there are, Hannity said: “Millions…I believe there’s millions (sic) who believe that there’s virgins (sic) in heaven if they commit a suicide bombing.” “All religions have their fanatics, wouldn’t you agree with that?, asks Moore.  “Na, some–not all but most… are you one?,”  asks Hannity.

Moore mentions tha Jesus asks Christians to love their enemies.  “Do you love your enemy,” Moore asks. “Yes, I do, ” responds Sean.  Moore:  “So you love Al Qaeda, then?  Hannity: “I love them in the sense that I want to destroy them…they want to go see Allah, I’m all in favor of giving them First Class Ticket, if–if, they don’t respect human life and dignity.” As Moore points out, “that’s not the love Jesus was talking about.”

Loving enemies is one of the hardest things Christianity demands.  Part and parcel of love is forgiveness.  If we are to follow Jesus, we’ve got to acknowledge and try to eradicate evil but not by breaking his laws to do it, and then leave the judgment to God.

When I look at many in the far “religious”  right, I see none of this.  It’s all hat, no cattle. To me, this clip isn’t about whether or not Hannity “fibs” about going to church.  It’s about another right-wing egomaniac claiming to be one thing but being quite another. And the absurd thing is, what they claim to be and what they choose to do are at crossed purposes.

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10 Responses to Hannity, Moore and Jesus?

  1. Jivetalkin says:

    Yeah Hannity, and you’re one of the millions of terrorists!!
    Hannity is always terrorizing his viewers with his terrifying Faux news reporting!

  2. terrymo1 says:

    Guess hannity forgot about the thousands of people that were killed for no reason,but disagreeing with the pope!Remember the inquistion!(excuse spelling)of the catholic church? Check your facts hannity,but then you are anti-catholic anyway.

  3. GloriaY says:

    Hannity is correct. The birthers, Faux news, The Palin, Dobbs, and Limbaugh enthusiasts are all terrorists. Included among the terrorists are Hannity, Dobbs, Palin, and the rethug leadership.

  4. farang says:

    The thing about Michael, if you notice, is how very well he listens, forms a cogent response, and stays on topic.

    He listens first.

    Hannity already has his preconceived notions, which are only “valid” as long as he hogs the microphone and camera.

    I’m surprised these noodleheads ever dare debate folks like Moore…..it’s the hubris, I suppose.

  5. Paul Sonderman says:

    This is quite true. One of the most critical skills to any interviewer is tha ability to listen. Republicons “frag” interviewees, barraging them with another round before they can respond to a single shred in the prior blast. Moore ignores this tactic and even wrestles control. Admirable.

  6. Paul Sonderman says:

    At the very least, he’s an accessory and rarely after the fact.

  7. Paul Sonderman says:

    Hannity’s selective recall is one of political convenience. He plays to the base at all times, lying whenever it furthers his goal.

  8. Paul Sonderman says:

    I had to read this twice but certainly follow and agree with your logic. Draped in the flag an false patriotism, tThe GOP has become the primary anarchic force in the USA, a claim they’ve leveled at the left for decades.

  9. MG says:

    Paul-I thought this was one of the better Fox fumbles” interviews I have seen-(and there aren’t many mainly because I have refused to even watch them, and two, they work hard at interrupting, doing the “yes, or no” questions, and generally not conducting an actual interview.)
    Moore was good here. I think it did help that Moore is most capable, which brings to mind another Fox tactic: bringing on the lowest level person from some organization (and asking them questions that they might not know), or a young probably nervous, college student, or someone from out on the “fringe” of a social issue and making them out to speak for liberals and progressives. Moore seemed like a normal, everyday guy, and he gained some more respect from me.

  10. Paul Sonderman says:


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