The Dobbsmeister Bows Out

lou-dobbsHuzzah!  After a tortuous career comprised of reporting opinion as fact and suckling at the teat of corporate America, espousing hate while claiming to speak for the people,  Lou Dobbs, arguably one of the worst “newsmen” and commentators ever to be conveyed via cathode ray has left CNN. His next endeavor is to change the world, a goal the confines of CNN simply could not accommodate. Ignore that he’d become a festering lesion on CNN’s ass by virtue of his incessant, blathering stupidity.

Bigger than any network, Dobbs recently campaigned steadfastly against immigration, seeding storm clouds of hate and fear by proclaiming America is under siege by a veritable Tsunami of illegal aliens not content with merely finding a better life.  No, their goal, according to Big Lou is to deconstruct the very core of our democracy by taking advantage of government-funded social services (without ever paying in), essentially depleting social relief resources available to all native-born citizens. They take our jobs (despite the fact that we refuse to accept working conditions immigrants embrace), they take over neighborhoods, they increase crime and threaten the questionable stability of our imperiled nation.

Most recently, Dobbs became a crusader for the “Birthers,” a group of venomous bigots bent on overturning Obama’s presidency by asserting he wasn’t born in America.  Lou is one of the “movements” stalwarts and given his national media podium, rendered a sense of legitimacy to the lunatic fringe.

Lou Dobbs has never possessed journalistic standards rising above sewer level. Etched in my memory is the glowing recommendations he incessantly offered back in his “Money Line” days for all things Enron.  One of its biggest cheerleaders, Dobbs featured Enron, claiming that they were poised for unprecedented success DAYS before their historic bankruptcy.  As a former Enron share owner (AKA LOSER), I’ve never forgiven him this.  Yet within days, all record, transcript or otherwise, seems to have been scrubbed from the public record.

Previous readers know I’ve been out for dual surgeries that once made it difficult to post items. Recently, my lack of activity is due more to general lethargy than anything concrete. Much has happened in the past several months that I felt guilty to not comment on.  My next hiatus will be for hand/arm surgeries that I intend to postpone as long as possible. But for now, thanks to Lou Dobbs, I’m back.

According to Lou, he is urged by fans, leaders and his own conscience to press on to greater pursuits–to use his gravitas to rid America and the world of problems so grave that he can no longer be effective a media personality posing as a news person. Regardless, we dearly deserve a break from Lou Dobbs.

As much as I want to bathe in the simple comfort of this, I dread what Lou does next.  I’ve said he’s a hack, not that he’s ineffective.  Thank God he’s no longer on nightly. We must appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

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9 Responses to The Dobbsmeister Bows Out

  1. FalseFlag says:

    Pee-ew. Just the fact that Dobbs was on CNN so long makes him culpable. Why then would he report on the North American Union I wonder? I’ve heard he was one of the few anchors that pointed out the hypocrisy of US immigration and law enforcement ignoring illegals. I don’t get that, is it disinfo?

    But I have to support Dobbs’ demand for Obama’s birth certificate, as much as anyone else’s. And if Obama wants to prove he is a US citizen, why doesn’t he just show us? If he lost it I can understand, but it just makes me paranoid!

  2. Richard McDonough says:

    You have it all wrong. People misunderstood. He is now a friend of Latinos of all stripes, no matter how wet their backs. Today’s WSJ has a piece of good (somewhat skeptical) reporting on the porcine bastard.

  3. FalseFlag says:

    Why wouldn’t he be friends with Latinos? He’s married to one. My point is centered around this treaty between the US, Mexico and Canada that merges them into one political unit without the consent of voters. Is he a harbinger of this reality with his presidential pork? He was the only mainstream anchor to report on this.

  4. MG says:

    Hey Paul-sorry I haven’t been around lately! I am sorry to hear of your surgeries, although I hope that after you’re feeling better because of them. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

    Dobbs is a first class a-hole. A vat of disinformation, exaggeration, and plain old xenophobia. I don’t see anything illuminating that has come from this fat bastard. At least nothing that isn’t being said by your local Aryan Nations.
    Who cares if he’s married to a Hispanic woman? She probably practices some intense self-loathing to be married to such a man.

  5. FalseFlag says:

    I don’t watch Dobbs or any of those know-it-alls. I’ve been trying to block out the mainstream media because it upsets me.

    Sorry to hear about any problems and I wish you well. Thanks to you for the sights and smells and thanks to a free Internet, we hope.

  6. Paul Sonderman says:

    I have VASTLY curbed my viewing of all news media. I look mostly to the net. If I do watch network, it’s MSNBC but realize its entertainment value and bias, which simply aligns more closely with mine. CNN pisses me off most of the time and what can I say about Fox that hasn’t been said?

    Many thanks for your comments. I’m nearly well, just sore and withdrawing from percoset. I’ll soon again be banging away at the keyboard. Thanks so much for reading.

  7. Paul Sonderman says:

    Thanks for your kind words and I’m recovering nicely, expecting to be in “typing trim” within the next two weeks. Wow! You hate Dobbs even more than I do! I thought that impossible. Kudos.

    I’m still celebrating his departure and intend to include it in my Christmas observance. I refuse to dampen my joy by wondering where he’ll next raise his obtuse, malignant corpulence.

  8. Paul Sonderman says:

    If by “My point is centered around this treaty between the US, Mexico and Canada that merges them into one political unit without the consent of voters” refers to The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) document,, I don’t see how it could transpire without voter consent. If you can show me what I’m missing, I’m be in your debt.

    I can’t address your second point but do question Lou’s ID as a “mainstream anchor.” His ratings weren’t that good, and I’d consider “pundit” a more apt description, since he so actively promoted his agendas.

    Thanks for your comments.

  9. Paul Sonderman says:

    Your first sentence is viable if one considers CNN essentially a den of corruption. I’m sure it has its problems but wonder if its as diabolical as you infer?

    Dobb’s reporting on the North American Union makes perfect sense because it capitalized on the conservative movement’s rabid pursuit/preservation of national sovereignty.The proposal, served up by the Council on Foreign Relations, which purports to unite Mexico, the US and Canada for mutual gain, (found here) . That he distorted it is of little consequences. His goal was to court those who adore National Sovereignty. True, he was all over immigration, opinions, fear-mongering and all. And like CFR, his reports were rife with unsubstantiated claims and errors.

    Regarding your second graph, Obama is a citizen. He HAS shown it, repeatedly. Accept it. This is extreme right-wing misdirection and nothing more.

    Hey. I heard of this guy named Jesus they say resurrected from the dead after a horrible death by crucifixion. A lot of conservatives believe in his resurrection, as miraculous as it is. Would these same people follow Thomas’ doubt and insist to touch His wounds?

    My previous statement in no way intimates that Obama is anything other than a mere mortal and extend apologies to Non-Christians, Agnostics, Atheists, etc, who could care less about this metaphor. I use it only to illustrate the extent to which I feel this whole “birther” thing is a distraction and utter fallacy. We’d be more productive worrying about the character of John of “John and Kate Plus Ate” (misspelling intentional).

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

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