NWO Hits Reader Record

New World Odor Exceeds 500,00 Hits

Now,this is what the bigs get in a day but for this type-challenged rookie, it’s meaningful.  For a blog started in January, with a couple of months off of late due to surgeries, 500k hits isn’t shabby.  At least to me.


So hats off to all of you who have willingly weathered my typos, fits of temper, lapses in memory and episodic inactivity.

You’re a good lot by and large, and I’m gratified by your attention as well as your comments.  You’ve enriched my life this year.

Please don’t consider this empty praise or obligatory gratitude. I mean it. One reason?

I’m from a large, Catholic family. I’ve always been (perhaps) the most liberal (at times radical) of the lot.  At times, even though our planets were politically aligned, they’ve thought me daft, weird, obtuse, stubborn, dramatic, prone to exaggeration, off the deep end and downright anarchic.  I don’t deny giving them good reason, at times, for their suspicions. We do, howerver, love one another and get together as much as we can.

I mention this because despite this familial bond, in a recent survey, I found that NONE of them read my blog. Nor does my wife or my kids, whose lives I’d willingly die to save. So, knowing that, please don’t suspect my sincerity. From the depths of my soul, thank you, one and all.


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6 Responses to NWO Hits Reader Record

  1. FalseFlag says:

    It’s your title, Paul. We have a big problem. Do a news search for ‘new world order’ … not ‘odor’ … Lou Dobbs is quite a figure … and if the conservative libertarian pundits are correct, the enemy is at the gates.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Problem? I think not. The title is no accident.

    It indicates that I think that in America, things generally smell bad. The title is intentionally derivative, of “New World Order,” which I’ve have no need to search. It’s been around awhile. Unfortunately, “New World Odor” isn’t copyrighted and after I posted my first I found one other site with a similar name and several have popped up since. As Barbara Grizzuti Harrison said, “There are no original ideas.”

    For those of you who haven’t run across the term, it was used by Hitler and later applied to a conspiracy theory described here http://www.the7thfire.com/new_world_order/final_warning/final_warning_table_of_contents.htm
    Now, if you want to accept this shit as true, be my guest. You won’t be the first paranoid Xenophobe to drag your knuckles across the planet.

    Having said that, allow me to opine that Lou Dobbs is an ass, as are the alarmist, anti-intellectual, congealed vomitous mass of miscreants that crow loudly beneath the banner of “conservative and libertarian pundits.”

    Thanks for stopping by and especially for sharing your thoughts.

  3. FalseFlag says:

    I like the title. We don’t need no stinkin’ globalists…

    “A [climate] deal must include an equitable global governance structure. ” — Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, Oct 25, 2009, NY Times

  4. MG says:

    Hi Paul! Hope you’re feeling better! Congrats on your 500K hits!! Man that is impressive! I don’t get anywhere near your daily hits and I am not even the slightest bit close to you in total hits!
    I love reading your blog and wish you many more 1000’s of hits!
    Oh, and happy holidays, etc.!


  5. John says:

    Hey Paul, really like your site. Good stuff man. Keep up the good work. Happy New Year


  6. Paul Sonderman says:


    Survived a couple of complications but I have health insurance, so my care has been swell. I’m getting around fine and barring any further issues, will no doubt be tap-dancing in a month or two.

    Thanks and all the best.

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