Sarah Palin For President: Here’s Why

A friend sent me this over a week ago and I just sifted through enough of my “in box” to find it.  From Huffington Post, it appeared under the title : “Palin Supporters Struggle To Explain Why They Support Palin,” and that’s exactly what it is.

It was taped in my own backyard, Columbus, Ohio. Watch it at your own risk.  I’ll need to read at least three books to recover the IQ points lost while viewing this clip.

I grew up in Ohio, spent most of my life here and truly don’t know exactly when it became Mars but Mars, it is…or Uranus.

I like to be more current.  By now,  many of you have likely seen this but in case you haven’t, it deserves to be seen. I consider it “evergreen”.

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17 Responses to Sarah Palin For President: Here’s Why

  1. FalseFlag says:

    Don’t you think Palin and Obama are merely political puppets? The question is who will support the people and not special interests, neither one in my estimation.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    No, I don’t think that Obama’s a puppet. Bush was Cheney’s puppet. My hunch is that Obama’s message of change at the time was real and I still have hope, but it’s hard. The machine is daunting, the stakes high and the pressure extreme. I don’t envy him.

  3. FalseFlag says:

    C’mon, he’s having the time of his life, going along to get along. I voted for change, but so far I only see more troops heading to the other side of the world… and kiss another $30bil goodbye. Let’s hope Obama grows a backbone to stand up against special interests, otherwise Palin WILL win, neocon that she is.

    We need better leaders, how about you, Paul? Would you add more troops, then bring them home in 18 months?

    P.S. I don’t mean to pick on you, but I have to admit the whole Palin thing is hilariously ditzy. Did you YouTube that Carrie Prejean incident on Larry King Live?

  4. Paul Sonderman says:

    Didn’t see the Prejean/King thing, I’ll look. Thanks for the tip.

    Re my feelings on troop strength, even though I’m disappointed, Bamalam’s been remarkably consistent with statements he made during his campaign. Even though active troops/ vets I talk to who’ve been over there think it’s a very difficult mission, to a troop, they back Gates.

    As much as I wanted to get Bin Laden, once we failed, I kinda’ thought we should get the F out or it would go this way, because it always has and Obama, as appealing to me as he is, is no magician. Now, I think we need to wait and see. But I’m not overly optimistic. And I hate to see the money burn. I just hope that once it’s clear that we HAVE to leave, it happens BEFORE our borrowed war debt extends across several generations, and that the hawks will see it’s hopeless.

    Palin is a freak show but the rabid right thinks she’s “special”. If we fail badly enough, I could see a disastrous outcome that could include Palin prevailing. If she does, shame on the left, shane on the right…we deserve what we get.

    She’s actually made herself a cottage industry. CHARGING for pics/poses, etc…that takes some sack.

  5. FalseFlag says:

    I think Palin is pretty hot (and she’s no dummy), but such is our society… we even believe she is special when she is just like every politician who caters to moneyed interests. Washington is full of them and I think it’s gone over to the dark side.

    Paul, you should write an article about political reform from the grass roots level. Much of what is happening in Washington is not relevant and is political theater. We waste our energy there when we can help our friends and community by being a champion for individual rights and local governance, which must take precedence.

    And bring home the troops for godsake! If our warriors are on the other side of the world, how will they be of service to us at home?

    God love Ohio!

  6. Peter Lounsbury says:

    Sarah Palin, whether she runs for Obama’s soon to be vacant spot or not, has done the country all that anyone conservative could have hoped for… She has taken the Republican Party of the track of giving us a European Social Democracy one teaspoon at a time rather the Democrats pace of a tablespoon at a time, and reminded us all that we are in fact a Constitutional Republic that was founded upon the idea of a free people in a land of limited government.

    President Stinky, that’s my pet name for BO, has just clocked in at the lowest rating for a President evah! I wonder why?

  7. FalseFlag says:

    I hate to pick on Obama, our fearless leader. He is quite the man with his beautiful family and Harvard Law degree. I told myself I would support any black man to run for office, naively thinking this was justice. No, just us.

    Obama has done nothing to help black inequality. He hasn’t addressed the slums, the joblessness, the ghettos, the poor, the crime, the drugs, or the loss of industry.

    He hasn’t reached down and helped the downtrodden or helped those trapped in mortgage debt, hasn’t helped our children’s schools, hasn’t negotiated lower energy prices or eased tax burdens on growth.

    What he has done is address false hopes and promises. He has continued the wars of the previous administration, covered up their crimes and torture, he’s fully supported the looting and pillaging of our nation by Wall Street and offshore banks.

    What he has done is wake me up to total corruption. He had better shape up or the United States of America’s days are numbered and he will be remembered, not for hope, not for change.

    Peter, I wish I could tell you how I truly feel. But I hope Obama wakes up and owns up to his mistakes, because it is not too late and he can still make a difference. He has never done anything truly meaningful in his life, but now he has a chance.

  8. I am a little disturbed by the title of the blog entry. At least the people who voted for me knew what they were getting into.

  9. MG says:

    Paul-Oh my goodness! This video is something-let me tell you! I have seen other people being interviewed and they are the same, but this clip has more people.
    First of all-I can’t believe that there are people that are this dumb in America. What is it that makes them so ignorant of issues and things that are not within their black and white world? I am not sure if it can all be blamed on Fox-they certainly do take some of the blame-(many of the people here and in other videos like it are so proud of watching the network constantly.)
    Paul-do you have any ideas? I don’t. I feel like I lost a few brain cells myself just listening to these people. I honestly feel a little sorry for them.
    False flag-I have seen your posts here often and I am really wondering if you are as progressive/liberal as you intimate by your postings. Obama isn’t the progressive that the more left-leaning Democrats had maybe thought (heck I knew that from the start-it was Fox and that crowd that claimed he was a “socialist”) but he has a tremendous amount on his plate. I think he will do the right thing in Afghanistan. Am I disappointed in some of the decisions he’s made? Sure. To describe him as “never done anything truly meaningful in his life” is, to me, pretty harsh. Is Sarah pretty? Sure. Is Carrie Prejean pretty? Sure. I don’t really care how pretty they are though, because I think their notion of how the US should be led really stinks.

  10. FalseFlag says:

    @mg, hey, I only recently learned that smarter people than me use political labels like liberal and conservative as a con. I really wish people would debate the issues rather than in-fight all the time. As for the Palin/Prejean ticket… fair of face, foul of heart, I’ve gotta tip my hat to Paul here for posting this pathetic video of star-struck tube heads who view the world through the lens of the mainstream media. Great investigative work by that video crew. PEACE.

  11. MG says:

    Hmmm…ok. You got me there, Falseflag. Guess you were joking? Happy holidays to you. And Paul!

  12. Paul Sonderman says:

    Belated holiday wishes to you as well. I wasn’t even looking at my email! It was a great holiday. Thanks for your ongoing interest. Expect activity. Tell all your friends!

  13. Paul Sonderman says:

    God bless, FF. Please stop back. I’m feeling fine and looking forward to blowing off steam. I was dormant, not dead and it’s time for me to start complaining again!

  14. Paul Sonderman says:

    MG, sorry I missed this considered response but I wasn’t even checking my email. My main computer dies and the others I have available aren’t as user friendly, so I took it as a cue, along with my surgeries, to veg out through year’s end. But it’s 2010 and I’m looking forward to venting again. A lot of shameful S-*t has gone down and I’ve got to put in my 2 cents.

    Regarding your comment, “I can’t believe that there are people that are this dumb in America’ Never underestimate the stupidity of the American public. I don’t say this to dis anyone or put myself above the teeming masses. Even so, intellectually speaking, we seem to increasingly race to the bottom when it comes to what passes for discourse and intellectual curiosity. It’s getting so voicing a considered opinion based on deep thought, research makes one a target for ridicule. Intelligence is labeled “elitist”. We “broad stroke” everything, eschewing nuance and attacking the character dissenters. If the truth is awkward or inconvenient, we lie, then repeat it until the unenlightened accept our lies as truth. Democracy has been demeaned to the level of a high-stakes pissing contest. Being right no longer matters. “Belonging” does. While we once sought greatness, we now seek banality. Rhetoric has replaced reason as dissent is indicted as treason.

    Truly, saying that Obama has “never done anything truly meaningful in his life” is untrue, uninformed, inflammatory and plain dumb. Anyone who actually “buys” this is either lazy, stupid or a lemming led by Fux News. Anyone who reads has ample refutation.

    Re: Paul-do you have any ideas? I don’t. I feel like I lost a few brain cells myself just listening to these people. I honestly feel a little sorry for them. I wish I did. My abject frustration is one reason I decided to become more politically active. But it’s borne little fruit. I take solace only in the fact that I try.

    Like you, I don’t care if Palin is “pretty.” Many of her beliefs are anything but. In my opinion, she’s manipulative, opportunistic, self-absorbed and phony. “Pretty” should have nothing to do with picking a leader when lives are on the line. “Pretty” on the outside and “ugly” on the inside doesn’t make us any safer as a nation. Her mouth can get us into a world of pain, should we let it.

    I’ve despaired some about Obama’s first year. Like many, my hopes and expectations are high. Even so, I’m not writing him off and refuse to dog the man. He’s trying. That counts for something. Ultimately, it won’t be enough. My only hope is that his ideals can survive the political machine and external pressures long enough to keep him from getting disillusioned. He needs all of our support.

    I have, however, just about written off the Senate. What a bunch of hapless assholes they’ve become. Until we get election funding reformed, we can expect nothing but Pay to Play. It’s just to ingrained to expect change without a complete overhaul.

    Sorry I didn’t respond sooner–Thanks for such a well thought out post. I hope you continue to check NWO. I do intend to be much more active.

  15. Paul Sonderman says:

    We do what we can. Hang in there, Amnodt. And keep calling them how you see them.

  16. Paul Sonderman says:

    “I told myself I would support any black man to run for office, naively thinking this was justice.”
    This is illogical. Vote for the person. While I like the idea of a black president, the notion of race superseding all other evaluative criteria in the selection of a leader as powerful as America’s president is patently absurd. Really.

    Re:Obama has done nothing to help black inequality. He hasn’t addressed the slums, the joblessness, the ghettos, the poor, the crime, the drugs, or the loss of industry.

    He hasn’t reached down and helped the downtrodden or helped those trapped in mortgage debt, hasn’t helped our children’s schools, hasn’t negotiated lower energy prices or eased tax burdens on growth.

    While I agree in part, the situations you cite have been decades, even centuries in the making. If Obama is to be the transformational figure we assumed he’d be (based on his campaign promises), it’s folly to assume he can snap his fingers and all will be right. Politics require compromise. We’ve seen none of it on the part of the right. He has a deep agenda, one that he said must include bipartisan participation that to date has been maliciously withheld, despite more attempts to include traditional adversaries than any president in recent history. Political obstacles are part of the game. I refuse to judge his progress (or from where I sit, the lack thereof) on the basis of such a small sample. We must be patient. I’m convinced he’s trying and still feel that in most cases, he’s the smartest guy in the room (or at least one of them).

    I appreciate his candor, relish his ideals and pray that he has time to actually deliver on them. In the meantime, I feel we must measure his success with anticipation…and not let our disappointment sour our expectations.

    Please be patient. And thanks for commenting.

    One other thing. Hope is personal. While it may prove in time to be false, while one may feed or foster false hope, hope itself is blind. In my heart, I don’t accept that Barack Obama has intentionally created false hope among us. Time will tell. At the moment, however, I feel he’s well intentioned and deserves time to work things out.

  17. Paul Sonderman says:

    Bush and his cronies always claimed to ignore polls (as long as they were negative, that is). You’re wrong, though. Obama’s rating isn’t the “lowest rating for a President evah.” Your comment, however, is consistent with the accuracy of its run-on intro. “President Stinky” is perhaps the most banal thought ever posted on this blog. You deserve recognition for that. Thanks for choosing NWO as your latrine.

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