Child’s Love of “Alice in Wonderland” Nearly Kills Him

Beijing, CHINA:  A toddler barely escaped a tragic end when he took Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit’s advice and literally tried to “feed (his) head.” 14-month old Li Jingchao allegedly attempted to insert a pot sticker into his nose when he fell, sending the chopstick deep into his small skull.  No mention was made of what became of the dumpling.

Jingchao’s mother, Zhao Guilu, who was out of the room when the accident occurred, said “I was washing dishes. I rushed in and saw him lying on the ground. He couldn’t stop crying and I noticed a chopstick stuck in his nose.”

A local clinic turned her away, saying the child’s condition was too perilous. The family then drove hundreds of miles to Beijing, where an emergency surgical team safely removed the projectile.

According to CNN, “Doctors said if the chopstick had gone any further in it would have caused life threatening bleeding and if it was a little more to either side the boy may have been permanently paralyzed.”

Fortunately, Li Jingchao is expected to fully recover.  I made up the part about “Alice in Wonderland,” the White Rabbit and the dumpling.  As cruel as it may seem, I just couldn’t resist.

The entire real story along with a disturbing video clip is here.

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4 Responses to Child’s Love of “Alice in Wonderland” Nearly Kills Him

  1. FalseFlag says:

    I never would have left my son alone with a chopstick at that age. How could this happen? The one-child policy should have prevented this. It’s parents like these that will turn a one-child policy into a no child policy.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    I had the same reaction. Parenting can be difficult–no one can be everywhere their child is all the time–but this smacks of neglect. If not that, it’s paying dearly for a terrible choice. And as you mention, when limited to just one child, a parent’s attention shouldn’t come at such a premium.

  3. If a camel is a horse designed by a committee then Alice in Wonderland is a Tim Burton film designed by Disney fatcats in a boardroom. They spent so much time worrying about selling it as a product that they completely forgot about putting together a half-decent story. This Alice has no character arc; she is exactly the same by the end of the film, and therefore her journey is utterly pointless. The narrative thrust is so weak that they have to resort to a hollow battle scene in order to keep everyone awake.

  4. Paul Sonderman says:

    Your comment has absolutely nothing to do with my post. Thanks for the review, though.

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