Two Little Pigs:Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh-Hatred and Haiti

Hate and Hateful Haters

I’ve been trying to abstain from writing about things apt to appear ad nauseum elsewhere but try as I might, can’t leave this alone.  Even the right wing, not known for its exemplary compassion, should be running with the bulls to distance itself from two pillars of their movement, Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh.

For an alleged “man of God,” Pat Robertson, according to his official web  site, a Broadcaster, Humanitarian, Author, Christian, Businessman, Statesman, media pioneer and prolific author, even calling Haiti’s recent catastrophic earthquake  “a blessing in disguise” is surprising.  As stacks of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of corpses line its beshitted streets, aftershocks continue to lay  Port Au Prince and adjoining environs to waste  as legions of weary, bleary-eyed men, women and children search in vain for loved ones–deprived of food, water, clothing, shelter, medical care, comfort and even the smallest morsel of personal security–Pat’s conclusions are anything but “God-like.”  they’re in fact, inhuman.  These are the words of a deranged man, whose only prayers should be uttered on his own behalf.

And Limbaugh, pig that he is, claims that Obama’s interest in the disaster is simply opportunistic and political.

What disgusting, unabashed, hateful bullshit. This porcine, ego maniacal prince of character assassination long ago gave up on truth.  He insists on making all things political, dragging every opponent through the mud at every opportunity.

That the right condones rather than rejects these two piranhas instead of insisting on their castigation says volumes about how hate, racism, resentment, ethnocentrism and greed fuels their movement. To quote my hero Bunk Moreland from HBO’s “The Wire,” “This is some shameful shit, here.”

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1 Response to Two Little Pigs:Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh-Hatred and Haiti

  1. MG says:

    Pat Robertson-horribly and irrevocably senile. He was a meanspirited liar, cheat, and conniver before, but now he’s just simply seemed to have lost any hold on sanity. The way the cohosts look at him with a blank reverence as he spews his own explanations for the tragedies and loss in our world are sick. I would love for one of them to just throw down their mic and say-“all right! that’s enough! I can’t stand this any longer! If you don’t get help for your mental condition, I will have to help you out!”

    Rush-just a pus-filled bag. That’s all. Again though-the way people call in merrily to say “Hiya Rush” just as he has said crap like his Haiti statement, is a little scary.

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