EARTH TO DEMS: Reconciliation NOW!

To me,  politics is one of the most frustrating aspects of life.  So much depends on it and comes from it, yet politicians, who ideally should gravitate to public service for noble reasons, frequently disappoint.  Seduced by public office, perhaps victims of their own PR, they become dependent, corrupted by power; greedy, cynical, egocentric self-serving, blindly partisan.  Others have ulterior motives from the start.  They’re looking for a payday and ways to play the system. They lust, envy, despise, tear down, sabotage, speak falsely, seek revenge, hate, steal and resort to any means necessary to get their way—regardless if it’s in the interest of those they serve.

Because “all politics is local,” politicians justify their bad behavior by insisting they’re looking out for those they’re beholding to, their constituents, even when Federal tax dollars are diverted from truly deserving endeavors that could improve the lot of many to serve a paltry few.  They feel it’s their job to so and that to do anything less endangers their longevity as public servants. Taxpayers wind up paying dearly for boondoggles, through no-bid contracts that charge exorbitant premiums for goods and services because there’s no oversight or competition.

As everyday citizens face starvation, foreclosure, homelessness, family dissolution, rampant crime, deteriorating infrastructure and erosion of social programs once in place to provide a safety net for the poorest and most vulnerable among us, legislators fund secluded hideaways to avoid the media and their constituents, continue to draw benefits that surpass what most Americans can obtain even at premium cost.

Political parties, who should be expert at the ins and outs of power and governance, ultimately focus only on getting their candidates elected—which given their lack of interest in anything else would seem to indicate that they possess innate capabilities in that regard, yet they frequently fail.  The Media focuses only on the “horserace,” ignoring actual issues, reducing control of our lives to one dismal high-stakes pissing match. Ideals are traded like commodities in Washington. Winning is the only thing that matters and most are willing to sell their souls to make it happen.

Regardless of polls clearly demonstrating that Americans want better health care and PBO studies that prove the Republican plan leaves 46 million Americans uninsured, funded by healthcare interests who cloak their corporate greed in patriotism in order to appeal to unsuspecting, cynical citizens suffering hard times, republicans continue to obstruct, chide, lie, debase, incite hate, racism and foster an environment of anarchy.  Do the republicans actually CARE about providing the best health care possible for America’s citizens?  Of course they don’t. They care about two things: protecting the status quo-keeping healthcare faucets wide open to fill GOP campaign coffers and of course, winning. F*†k the citizens. Let them fare for themselves. Small government, no taxes…that’s the America they want—except when they are in power.  Then, they amass huge deficits on borrowed cash, a pattern that the Obama administration, having inherited the most dire financial and economic mess since the Great Depression, has yet been unable to halt.

“Independents” apparently got their way last night in Massachusetts, helping elect a Scott Brown, a right-wing ideologue well to the right of most to occupy Teddy Kennedy’s long-held but absent Senate seat.  Mitch McConnell and his merry band of masochistic Machiavellian miscreants can barely speak through their drool and have bypassed their daily Viagra regimen to avoid the dreaded four-hour erection. Brown’s win to them was just that good.

And they deserve to celebrate. It’s a huge win.

Shame on the democrats for allowing it to occur. They’ve effectively blown their advantage by not being total pricks with the republicans, who have rewarded their attempts at partisanship with vitriol, guerilla warfare repeated party line votes.

We’ve waited long enough. Take off the gloves.  This is no time to play nice. Reconciliation, now.

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3 Responses to EARTH TO DEMS: Reconciliation NOW!

  1. FalseFlag says:

    I can’t tell who I hate more, sticky fingered Democrats or cold-hearted Republicans.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    I’ve been sending testy correspondence to dems of late, who’re not helping things a bit. It’s maddening. But I can’t go to the right, we simply don’t successfully communicate. I make an effort. Then there’s my anger management issues… My kingdom for a party!

  3. Phil says:

    Your description of politicians in general is absolutely correct. These days, I’m not a “big fan” of politics or politicians. However, in my opinion, the best way to provide health care is jobs. Get as many people back to work, then you can deal with health care. But, spending money to create jobs is not going to work in the long run. If at all possible, we need to get manufacturing back into this country and pay workers a decent wage.

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