Fox Love Network

TV’s been wall to wall tonight with a star-studded fundraiser for the victims of the disastrous earthquake that rocked Haiti last week. Saturating coverage prevailed throughout the week, as it tends to on the heels of such a cataclysmic event, one that makes us question why such things happen.  Some lay blame.  Others question their god.  We tend to be distracted, even to the point of preoccupation–and most feel helpless.

Predictably, celebrities, luminaries, politicians, even traditional adversaries band together in an effort to galvanize support sufficient to raise resources to meet the challenge of making things right, which of course, seems utterly impossible.  We settle for contributing in some way, most thinking that his or her offering is far too paltry to matter.  Some see themselves in the faces of the writhing, wailing, mangled or lifeless victims and are moved to action or tears.

So Haiti is no different.  It’s huge.  It’s unfathomable to witness suffering on such a grand scale.  All the usual suspects are corralled to appeal to our sorrow, sympathy and perhaps even empathy to raise cash and meaningful aid for the victims.  Disaster-weary consumers respond and money pours in.

Tonight I watched the celebrity fundraiser that seemed to wallpaper the entire TV bandwidth, later to find out it was pervasive world-wide.  I flipped around, all the networks seemed to carry it.  So did the cable news channels: CNN, MSNBC, et al–everyone that is, except Fox News.  Fox ran their usual lineup, O’Reilly,  Hannity… so nice to have an alternative.

I wonder if they’d have reacted the same way if the earthquake had been in Orange County or Dallas?  These butt puppets are so white they’re transparent.

Fox continues to put its rabidly racist rodents first.  Apparently there was no blond white girl abducted this evening.  On the plus side, loyal Fox watchers didn’t have to miss their heroes.

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2 Responses to Fox Love Network

  1. FalseFlag says:

    Question: Why does Haiti seem to have the worst luck on the planet?

    Answer: It’s not luck, it’s called being a free nation off the coast of the USSA!

  2. MG says:

    Paul-great post!! I thought the same thing. Their complete ignoring of the telethon pretty much made their argument about “why are all the liberals picking on us for our coverage of Haiti?!” moot.
    You’re probably, sadly correct about the discrepancy in regards to locales: if the victims had been in the places you mentioned -there would be 24/7 coverage-plus the environmentalists would have been blamed for the disaster.

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