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2010 FIFA World Cup: Can You Feel It?

As the 2010 games beckon, there are several “official” FIFA 2010 World Cup trailers out there, each of which has merit. This one, however, reportedly created by USA fans, captures for me what the games promise. Continue reading

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Friday Night Concert Clip: Peter Gabriel, “Solsbury Hill”

To the uninitiated, Peter Gabriel could be somewhat intimidating, apparently dropped from another planet. His stage presence was carefully crafted and painstakingly performed. Critics claimed that it distracted from the music, which most agreed was top-notch. Continue reading

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A Shot In My Junk

My wife teaches elementary school. Through the years, she’s regaled me with descriptions and anecdotes of 1st and 2nd graders, who tend to speak with few filters. Yesterday was no exception. Continue reading

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Air America Crashes

In case you hadn’t heard, Air America, the “progressive” talk radio network recently went silent. Having listened to it until recently, through two poorly-funded AM stations in Central Ohio that failed and having worked for a short period for one of them, it was obvious to me that the network was poorly run. Continue reading

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