Friday Night Concert Clip: Peter Gabriel, “Solsbury Hill”

There once was a band named Genesis, whose performances both baffled and entranced fans. Their mixture of esoteric themes, sophisticated staging and superb musicianship lent an inspiring environment to a singer whose penchant for drama, theatrics and costumes never ceased to amaze.  To the uninitiated, Peter Gabriel could be somewhat intimidating, apparently dropped from another planet. His stage presence was carefully crafted and painstakingly performed. Critics claimed that it distracted from the music, which most agreed was top-notch.  Others claimed the writing to be overdone, pretentious.  Genesis was different. They defied categorization.

Rumors surfaced that the band suffered from clashing egos, that few stages were large enough to accommodate the band’s collective “weight”.  Master percussionist Phil Collins wanted more.   So did Peter Gabriel.   As Gabriel  checked out to launch a successful solo career, Collins strolled to the front of Genesis’s  stage.  Ultimately, Genesis would launch several solo acts, including Collins’s own.

This clip is Gabriel, many years later, performing a whimsical rendition of the song that set the stage for his solo success, “Solsbury Hill“.

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1 Response to Friday Night Concert Clip: Peter Gabriel, “Solsbury Hill”

  1. FalseFlag says:

    Is that Peter? I can’t believe how he’s changed. He looks so much older, which means I must look that much older. But I thought the performance was great. I love the bicycle riding around the stage. “Solsbury Hill” an old favorite. Thanks, Paul!

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