2010 FIFA World Cup: Can You Feel It?

I love  the World Cup.  Having raised two soccer-playing sons, I’ll never forget acquiring a taste for the game–the countless hours we spent at practices and games , the spectacle and excitement of tournaments, through which I became aware of the event.  We watched obsessively–losing sleep and setting timers to record matches that we’d review long after play ended.  To my dying day, I’ll watch the World Cup.

As the 2010 men’s  games beckon, there are several World Cup trailers out there, each of which has merit.  This one, however, reportedly created for USA fans by USA fans, is a real rouser.  If like me, you enjoy the World Cup,  you may find yourself watching this repeatedly. I can’t wait.

And speaking of Futball, what fan won’t enjoy this clip of PUMA Hardchorus singing a Valentine’s Day message?  Better late than never.

“You’re Every-fing that I need…” (“I’ll Be Your Fantasy,” Savage Garden)

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4 Responses to 2010 FIFA World Cup: Can You Feel It?

  1. FalseFlag says:

    Let us not forget that pro-sports and world sports are a gladiatorial diversion away from being politically active, wasting our energy on meaningless tribalism so we don’t fight for what’s important.

    I’ll probably get sucked into it anyway. I’ve got a son in soccer and I played growing up. I hate taking off work to watch the games, but… call me crazy, do you think the US will have a tough time getting out of their group?

    (See what I mean?)

    I’ve been able to resist the Olympics so far.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    I think that the US will most likely get 2nd in their group. I don’t think that we can beat England but their recent affairs (pun intended) are making an upset seem less crazy. Slovenia and Algeria will be tough, but I think the US should be fine.

  3. FalseFlag says:

    The loss of Charlie Davies took a lot of steam out of their run-up. Landon Donovan and Freddie Adu need to step up the scoring. The Netherlands game on Wednesday will be a good indicator.

    I’ll boycott, I’ve got a job to do and taking time off work to watch sports is such an American thing to do, oops did that come out of my mouth?

  4. Paul Sonderman says:

    Agree on all counts. I’ll be all over the games. Hopefully I can schedule around them. Unfortunately, the way business has been lately, that shouldn’t be a problem–but time will tell.

    I’ve been feeling guilty for being so inactive here, I should multi-task and blog as I watch. Thank God for replays.

    My silence isn’t for lack of material, however, there’s so much crazy crap out there, it IS a challenge to select stories that warrant attention most. It would be nice to have co-bloggers.

    I’ve featured guest bloggers and have found it to be interesting, since they often target items I overlook or decide not to cover. I do hate to see the site sit idle subject to my whims. Tough to keep loyal readers when there’s no new stuff to greet their returns.

    Thanks for your persistence.

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