Corporal Bert Returns

Last week in Afghanistan, Corporal Brett Sanders, USMC was injured when an IED blew up roughly 2 meters from him.  You met  Brett (who my family and his childhood friends have  called “Bert” most of his life) in two stories posted here. He’s a close family friend and former neighbor.   At times, Brett felt like one of my own and I’m happy that we’ve all maintained contact through the years.

One fears the worst in such situations but his sister, Morgan reassured me via Face Book when she let me know he’d been hit, saying he’d recover.   Bert’s fiance Lacey quickly supplied a number for the “Wounded Warrior” program, which connected me with Brett in Germany.

Brett was drowsy but in good spirits despite his wounds, which he characteristically down-played.   I can’t explain how good it was to hear his voice.   His mother, Melissa called shortly thereafter, supplying a more detailed summary.   She, Brett’s dad, Mike and Lacey are with him and as as I write, he should be stateside.

Bert described his wounds as superficial but Melissa was less dismissive (as a mother would be).   Even so, if you believe in the power of prayer, Brett, his family and Lacey could use yours.   I expect to talk with him again soon and as I do, I’ll post updates on his condition according to the family’s wishes.

We’re often so isolated by the nature of our current military commitments that it’s easy to become preoccupied with petty, everyday things. Yet even as we do so, some of our very best and brightest are giving the full measure of their courage and commitment to preserve our nation.

To our troops and their families, our wars are an ever-present, visceral reality.  We owe them far more than they get and we should remember that.  In the meantime, Brett, you’re in the forefront of our thoughts and prayers.  Thank you.

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