Alex Chilton Commemorated by Congress

As you probably have heard, Alex Chilton, one of the principals if not the driving force behind Big Star died this week of an apparent heart attack.  Bummer.

At the tender age of 16, Chilton made a splash with the Memphis-based Box Tops and “The Letter,”   his pop chart high water mark, despite an enduring career that included the illustrious Big Star, a band considered one of the best in rock and Alex one of the biggest rock stars that never made it.  Big Star’s writing is legendary, musicianship solid and their sound, truly unique–even as they channeled/incorporated some of their predecessor’s trademarks.

Rock and Roll Daily did a great story on Alex and Big Star. Looking for a clip, I found none better than those compiled by Rolling Stone (at the end of the linked R&R Daily story, so click on it for a treat).   Alex was a considerable talent, with widely respected artistic integrity.  He’ll be missed.

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