Listening to XM/Sirius “Alternative Nation” this afternoon, I heard “Uprising,” by Muse.  Now, this isn’t what I typically listen to but its deep, infections pop hooks, solid, driving tempo, 80’s retro groove and Blondie lift found me shouting the chorus before the song ended–which is pretty silly for a man my age.

If you’ve not run into them, Muse is worthy of a listen.  A British “Alternative”  Rock band, they’ve been around awhile.  I’ve always enjoyed their vocals, musicianship and arrangements.

“Uprising” is a recent work, released last year.  Nice to hear someone write a contemporary “rally” song for a change.  I’m a sucker for most songs that aren’t about relationships.   A love song‘s got to be exceptional for me to listen.  When it comes to the genre, I steer more toward love gone wrong or stories of twisted love.

I tend to enjoy stuff one doesn’t hear much and Muse once fit that description but judging from “Uprising’s” YouTube hits, they’re no longer truly in that category.  Still, this is a meaty song with strong lyrics and broad appeal…more “pop” than I usually tolerate but nevertheless a turn up the volume, retro rocker.  Good, clean fun, this.

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