The Final Lap? Health Care Bill Looks Certain to Pass

What Compassion, Conservatives?

AP:  Although I don’t mean to jinx it, despite rigorous, mean-spirited, bellicose battling between every sector of the right-wing and the  the Obama administration, indications are that the current health care bill seems to be in the bag.  This week, radical strands of the conservative movement pitched full-tilt, no-holds barred demonstrations across the country that went well beyond  expressing their deep opposition to its passage, exposing their even deeper hatred of Obama, liberals and anything that the Fox News Network deems despicable.   It got ugly.  (Click for a horror story).

Hopefully, the right’s politics of destruction will ultimately backfire.  If it doesn’t, the biggest losers will be uninsured Americans.

This is a tough time to be an American.  I can’t believe much of what I see and hear.  The open hatred that fuels the right, the unbridled contempt for any dissenting opinion and the threatened violence combine to make America a grim place, indeed.

I pray that cooler heads prevail, beginning with passage of a health care bill that, although  admittedly flawed by a painful process, is a start–a mere line in the sand that leads to a healthier nation.

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