Nature’s Way of Telling Us (We’re Assholes)

All right, so the 60s didn’t turn out the way many of us hoped they would. That’s a given. But vestiges of the decade survive despite assaults from Madison Avenue, revisionist historians and even 60s icons looking to reverse lost fortunes once reality set in and they realized their meal tickets were leaving at Gate A-23, flying standby.

One of my all-time favorites of the period was Spirit, a west-coast band of formidable talent and creativity. Spirit had a decent following, but never matched the financial success of many contemporaries, despite writing some of the decades’ most memorable songs.  Today, as I watched the oozing crude billow menacingly in the Gulf Coast, I recalled an old saw by Spirit that’s no less pertinent today than the year it was released.  From 1995, this video seems a bit anachronistic–at least stylistically–and is intentionally retro in parts.  Even so, thematically, it’s razor-sharp currency is ironic, given all the chances we’ve had to actually affect our future and the planet since it was written…chances we may no longer have if we don’t wise up.

I’m convinced that given a chance to judge us, future civilizations will consider ours an opportunity lost to hopeless greed, consumerism and bellicose stupidity.  We’re dumber than a boxful of petroleum coated rocks.

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