Facebook Lesson: Post at Your Own Risk

Suspended: Christine Rubino

SUSAN EDELMAN of the NY Post reported yesterday that Brooklyn schoolteacher Christine Rubino is in hot water for a Facebook exchange in which she expressed frustration with her class.

“After today, I’m thinking the beach is a good trip for my class. I hate their guts,” she said, referring to the tragic drowning of a Harlem girl on a school-sponsored trip the  day before.  A friend replied,  “Wouldn’t you throw a life jacket to little Kwami?,” to which Rubino quipped “No, I wouldn’t for a million dollars.”

As crass and tasteless as the exchange is, Rubino knew it would be seen by only 11 Facebook “friends”.  And therein lies the cruel reality of web content. Unlike spoken (unrecorded) words, a record remains. Once one posts, one must assume it can or may be seen by anyone, regardless of intent.

A veteran teacher with a Master’s degree in Math Education, Rubino, 38, maintains that her comments, while vexing and curt, were never intended for anyone other than those she permits via her privacy settings–a confidence breached by one recipient, who forwarded them to her Assistant Principal. The whole sordid affair deteriorated from there. She’s since been suspended, pending termination.

Ms. Rubino wishes to be reinstated and claims the entire situation is a “witch hunt”.

Read the entire NY Post story here.

Read Huffpo account here

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