“There’s a Change in the Weather and There’s a Change in Me”: Mitch McConnell on Quick Decisions

Remember after 9-11, when the GOP was quick to draft and enact The Patriot Act as well as numerous other domestic policies we quickly voted into effect?  Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell seems to think it now prudent to wait before making hasty moves after a cataclysmic occurrence, like, say,  discussing nuclear safety on the heels of  nuclear breaches caused by Japan’s recent monster Earthquake/Tsunami. Comparing the Japanese Tsunami, a natural disaster, with the BP Oil Spill (a man-made disaster), McConnell deduces, “I don’t think right after a major environmental catastrophe is a very good time to be making American domestic policy. My, how opinions on the right indeed seem to change “with the weather”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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