WI GOPer Lives Outside District with Mistress (Says Wife)

Well, they don't call him "Randy" for nothing...

RawStory.com reports that the wife of frisky Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin State Senator Randy Hopper told protesters picketing their home that the senator wasn’t available…because he lives elsewhere (in Madison, in fact) with his mistress. His new paramour is reportedly a lobbyist at a firm called Persuasion Partners, Inc. They met when she was a State Senate staffer who worked closely with Mr. Hopper. Persuasion Partners’ website no longer features her picture.

Wisconsin legislators must live within their districts and Wisconsin law provides for a recall of any politician who has served at least one year of his/her current term.  Since Hopper’s stint began in 2008, he’s not immune to recall should voters request it. Governor Scott Walker can’t be recalled until 2012.According to Blogging Blue, Hopper’s wife plans to sign the petition for recall against her husband. The family’s maid already has.
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