Friday Night Concert Clip: Glenn Hughes/Joe Bonomassa “Medusa”

One of my favorite rock acts of the early `70s was Trapeze, a British power trio showcasing the talents of guitarist Mel Galley, singer/bassist (also of  WhitesnakeFinders Keepers and Phenomena),  Glenn Hughes, (later of Deep PurpleBlack Sabbath and gifted Brit blues-rocker Gary Moore,) and drummer Dave Holland, who went on to join Judas Priest.

Their sound was heavy, dynamic, bluesy, raw and melodic; Hughes’ vocals were filled with passion and prowess, each player contributed to a whole that transported eager listeners to new heights of rock euphoria.  Trapeze’s talents did not end stop with the studio. Live performances brought praise and rabid fan response. Settling in Texas, they toured the USA heavily. Unfortunately, their run was limited and output, compared with other bands of similar stature, was not prolific.  Trapeze suffered lineup changes yet continued to tour and record for decades.

Former child prodigy Joe Bonomassa cut his teeth on blues/rock, playing Stevie Ray Vaughn licks by age 7.  B.B. King heard him early and was bowled over. By the time young Bonomasso was 12, he was opening B.B. King shows. He went on to tour with Buddy Guy, Foreigner, Robert Cray, Stephen Stills, Joe Cocker, Gregg Allman and in 2009, played a stunner of a show at London’s Royal Albert Hall  with special guest Eric Clapton.   Barely 30, Bonomassa was a journeyman, playing alongside childhood idols including “Slowhand” himself.

Last year, Joe, Glenn, Bonzo progeny Jason Bonham and former Dream Theater keyboardist Derek Sherinian formed Black Country Communion.  They are to tour this summer.

In addition to Blues and Blues/Rock, Joe also likes to cover rock songs live. In this performance, the legendary Trapeze song, “Medusa” features his exceptional contributions to a memorable Trapeze composition. The vocals are typical (expressive, superb) Glenn Hughes (how has he sung/wailed like this for over 40 years?)  Check out Hughes’ bass lines as well.  I find the whole package spectacular.  Makes me feel 20 again.

Bonomassa with Clapton doing a “Further On Down the Road,” a blues standard he made famous from the seamless  Albert Hall concert, also shows his remarkable voice.

Here’s an earlier (1994) version of “Medusa” with different players: Chad Smith of the Chili Peppers is drumming.  The lead guitarist doesn’t look to be Mel Galley, who sadly, succombed to esophageal cancer in 2008.  Sorry I don’t recognize the other players. If you can help me out, please do. Hughes’ pitch and control are even better here than on the Bonomassa track and as usual, his bass wails.

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