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Kevin is an idiot

I have been interacting on FaceBook with a conservative named Kevin. On one level he seems to be an okay guy but on another, he comes off as a bit of an idiot. Why? Because to prove arguments, he suggests … Continue reading

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NWO Packs it in

After a little better than two years, I’ve decided it’s time for New World Odor to fade into the sunset. I’d like to thank all of my friends and readers who offered support and shared opinions here. Continue reading

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Kent State University, May 4, 1970

To observe the Kent State Shootings, I’m reposting an essay I wrote 2 years ago. The night of May 2, 1970 I was a 17 year-old high school senior, living about 40 minutes east of Kent, OH.  One of my … Continue reading

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Nonverbal communication on the House floor

A little nonverbal communication from  Joe Crowley (D-NY) , who delivered a one-minute on the House floor. Thanks to Skewriter for posting this on her blog, November Fifth.

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Friday Night Concert Clip: Glenn Hughes/Joe Bonomassa “Medusa”

Former child prodigy Joe Bonomassa cut his teeth on blues/rock, playing Stevie Ray Vaughn licks by age 7. B.B. King heard him early and was bowled over. By the time he was 12, Bonomassa was opening B.B. King shows, subsequently touring with Buddy Guy, Foreigner, Robert Cray, Stephen Stills, Joe Cocker, Gregg Allman and in 2009 played a stunner of a show at London’s Royal Albert Hall with special guest Eric Clapton. Continue reading

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Priestly Pedophiles: The Devil didn’t make them do it, it was the ‘homos’

Catholic Priests accused of pedophilia were lured into their immoral acts by gays who now accuse them of deviant behavior. The victims weren’t victimized at all. In fact, they were the aggressors. _______________ Oh, and the reason the Catholic Church … Continue reading

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Despite Deep Cuts, Defense Spending Deepens

Many of us watched in disgust the ministrations of our lawmakers as they preened, lied, cried, threatened, insulted one another and worst of all, showed their unbridled contempt for America as conservatives promised to shut down its government. The Tea … Continue reading

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Poll: Nearly half of Mississippi Republicans would outlaw interracial marriage

Mississippi first etched itself into my psyche as a focal point of the American Civil Rights Movement, in which racist whites fought long and hard to thwart progress, seemingly denying the outcome of the American Civil War; terrorizing, murdering and blocking any and all effort to drag it, scratching and clawing into compliance with national law, including America’s founding documents. Continue reading

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American Exceptionalism: Manifest Destiny for Shitbirds

National elitism is a crock of shit. We are no better than the best and no worse than the worst among us. The same is true across the planet. The thing about exceptionalism that few of its adherents recognize is that when one is truly exceptional, he or she need not announce it to the rest of the world. Continue reading

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Friday Night Concert Clip: Clark Terry, “Mumbles,” etc.

I love rock music. Raised on symphonic, classical and big band, my musical rebellion was fueled by rock. Like most of my generation, upon reaching my teens, I eschewed “serious” music for the sorcery of simpler composition; loud, amplified guitars, … Continue reading

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