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Being Proud of Who You Are

Seductive pig

For decades, the right wing has painted liberals as “humanistic bleeding hearts” (as if caring about humanity is  negative), whose goal is to undermine democracy to the ultimate decline of Western Civilization.  (They couldn’t care less about anyone beyond the Western Hemisphere).

Liberals are to be despised: immoral, elite, unpatriotic ingrates who threaten the moral fabric and time-honored values of American life.  Lately, liberals have been dubbed socialists and far worse by opposition. Our chief executive is pilloried daily as minor minds and hate-mongers question the validity of his addressing even America’s youth in their schools.  Such open hatred is a cancer growing at the very heart our Democratic Republic.

Ignore the fact that conservatives label liberals Socialists and worse, yet when cornered,  can’t even explain what these monikers mean or why liberals deserve them.  Overlook the right’s inability to express itself beyond simple inflammatory phrases and lies conjured up by right-wing hatemongers and deep-pocketed special interest groups. Blind yourselves to the corruption and hypocrisy that have become fundamental to the GOP MO.  Disregard the contradictions,  the daily statements and subsequent denials in the face of media that clearly refutes them.  Pretend not to notice pundits like “Towne Crier” Glenn Beck as they present baseless arguments or worse, lies as truth, even doubling back to contradict themselves in  mid-sentence.

Socialist? Communist? Elitist? Traitor? Terrorist? The Democratic Party is labeled all these and worse. The name-callers simply repeat the tape loop drummed into them by their propaganda network.

So instead of the traditional the donkey (if it indeed ever applied to Democrats) I prefer the humble pig.  Throughout history, pigs have been maligned.  As delicious as they are, pigs get a bad rap.  They’re considered unclean.  Some religions prohibit their consumption.  The cloven hoof  freaks some folks out.  After all, Satan is depicted this way. Though smart, critics consider pigs stupid.  When forced to live in squalor they indeed acclimate.  But treat a pig with respect and you find a different beast altogether.  Pigs are a product of their environment. Democrats and liberals have eaten the shit the right (who while they consider themselves the arbiters of all that is moral and sacred but are fast approaching a new Nihilism) dished up and for years and like pigs, we adapted. Hell, pigs will eat anything…even Republicans. (Yummm…Republicans).

What’s so great about an elephant?  They eat and shit more than donkeys and pigs combined.  Sure, they’re big, just like the business interests conservatives love to promote but a self respecting pig is much slower to “spook”.

Despite what they’ve called us lately, our refusal to “sink to their level,” is apparently misconstrued by their leaders as tacit consent.  Even with recent, widespread electoral wins despite a system known to be “flawed,” majorities in Congress,  we coddle a crotchety, ungrateful GOP that continues to bully the nation (and world).  Enough.

We need to reclaim our roots, which are at the very foundation of our democratic republic.  When, through their ignorance or viciousness, the right tries to diminish us in the eyes of the public, we need to remember and celebrate who we are, ever mindful of the malleable dynamic of both parties through time.  Labels can mislead.  A hundred years from now, they’ll be merely anecdotal.

Let’s remember who we are and be proud.  The truth is easier to remember than lies.  Let’s stick to truth, with conviction.  And if any democratic official can’t be true to our convictions, let someone who can bear our colors.  Hypocrisy is what makes the GOP so vulnerable. Yet we can’t use it against them if we’re guilty of it as well.  It can’t be an act.

Daily we witness the power of the repeated lie. When repeated enough, lies ring true. We must overcome this sad fact with honor.  Eventually, truth will win.  We must believe this as we strive to  better them both in principle and in practice.  Should we let our standards falter, so, too shall we.

None is better than the GOP at using hate to win.  “Divide and Conquer” is their clarion call.   We must silence that command with politics of unity.   Democrats must stress this as an overarching theme, because “Divide and Conquer” is a formula for failure.

Honor’s sole defense is action.  Calmer heads must prevail.  The better angels of our nature must win. The ill-informed, seething mob must be silenced by truth and reason as we demand that the well heeled politics of special interests  (regardless of whose palms are greased) finally be abandoned.

2 Responses to Masthead Pic

  1. FalseFlag says:

    What a truly odious image you have created, Paul. I love it! Mmmm… pork.

    I hope you realize, this labeling of liberal and conservative is a mind-game by the Oligopoly. Wake up, people! Don’t be conformists and follow the herd, going along to get along. Listen to the truth.

    It might be a good time in US history to cultivate third party politics, because a choice between liberal and conservative, right and left, Republican and Democrat… is no choice at all.

    Look out, GOP! Paul and his website are hot on the scent of fraud, but never forget that we know the games of the Pork Barrel politicos and the New World Odor: true tyranny comes to you with a liberal smirk of love and compassion, and hides behind a stalwart guise of patriotism.

    You know the truth, use it.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Glad you like NWO and my attempts at humor. Liberal or conservative, either moniker potentially trivializes by generalization the beliefs and belief systems of those to which it’s applied. Labels do that. Nevertheless, we use them as shorthand to convey a general understanding that unfortunately strips individuality and often conveys a less than complete picture.

    I, too think America is ripe for a third party. The problem with traditional third parties is that instead of appealing to a broad cross-section of voters who find little expression or worse, eroding trust through a 2-party system, the frequently offer narrow scope that serves only to siphon disgruntled independents from viable candidates regardless of party affiliation. Should a third party be able to address the needs of all those who’ve lost faith in American politics, it would rock our world. As much as I feel mostly democrat, I admit deep disappointment with the party. I’ve voted independent in the past and if I knew my vote will be more then a protest vote, will do so again.

    Most important is that we change the way elections are funded. If we could only pull this off, I think the number of parties participating in the process would be far less meaningful.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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