Dr. West changes opinion of President Obama

Disregard most of the comments in reaction to this clip. I doubt that many of the posters have read Dr. West or know much of his work.

Suffice to say that Cornel West is worth listening to…and as usual, I find myself agreeing with him. He articulates well what many of us only think poorly or occasionally mumble. Don’t get me wrong, I will vote again for Obama.  But I hope and pray that the next national election brings a correctional pendulum swing in the House to counter the subsequent class war waged by the right and inspire in our President a renewed sense of courage.  If at long last legislators continue to ignore the voice of the people and heed the right which claims to speak for us, then Obama’s veto pen must do the talking.

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Potty-mouth Democrat says ‘uterus’ on state House floor, creating GOP scandal

Potty Mouth Randolph

Republican tongues are wagging over “coarse” language a Democratic colleague used on Florida’s House floor.  As sunshine state rep Scott Randolph (D) debated a bill’s provisions to draw union membership fees from Floridian paychecks, he criticized his conservative counterparts by saying that Republican contrariness arises primarily when it benefits big business. As he spoke to the assembly, Randolph alluded to his wife, saying that she could  “incorporate her uterus” if it would keep the GOP from interfering with her reproductive rights.

The scandalized Republicans chided Mr. Randolph, saying that such potty talk was unwelcome and unacceptable in the midst of such an august body as the  House of Representatives.  To discipline him, they all lined up to smack his “pee-pee”.  When he grimaced in pain, they called him a “pussy”.

The entire, sordid tale is here

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New Hampshire GOP hate merchant (aka legislator) tags bishop as ‘pedophile pimp’

What do you call a Catholic Bishop who dares to publicly speak out against deep cuts to social services? If you’re New Hampshire’s Republican House Majority Leader  D.J. Bettencourt, you call him a “pedophile pimp” who should be led from the Statehouse in handcuffs. Bettencourt’s incendiary insults came after Roman Catholic Bishop John McCormack, one of about a dozen dissenting speakers, criticized parts of the House’s $10.2 billion budget, ones that affect the poorest of New Hampshire

Republican leader of the New Hampshire House D.J. Bettencourt of Salem on Friday suggested Bishop McCormack had a role in Boston’s decade-old clergy sex abuse scandal.  He did so on his Facebook page.  Bettencort’s allegations are unsubstantiated.

Bishop McCormack once served Boston’s infamous Cardinal Bernard Law as a key aide. Law resigned as a result of a sensational, blistering scandal over cover-ups of clergy sexual misconduct/pedophilia. While not himself accused of sexual abuse, Law, who in fact maintained detailed records of the crimes, aided and abetted the pervs by maintaining silence and overseeing their reassignment.  Although not specifically implicated, apparently due to McCormack’s former status under Law, Herr Bettencourt and others assume guilt by association.

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Sunday Smile: Improv Wedding Reception

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Friday Night Concert Clip-NOT (With The Real Tuesday Weld)

Okay, so you really deserve a Friday Night Concert Clip. I haven’t posted one in a coon’s age.  Sorry, it’s Saturday.  But in the spirit of a Friday Night Concert Clip, looking for something new, interesting, old/obscure or the occasional long-buried treasure that I love to rehash here, I was distracted by my TV.  Sometimes ADD can be its own reward.

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Study: Future World Water Shortage Spells Disaster

If current urbanization and climate trends continue, by 2050 more than one billion city dwellers will suffer as a dearth of water creates global panic.  This, according to a study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which predicts that by the middle of the century, an estimated 993 million urbanites will have to make do with a daily water ration of  roughly a bathtub full (less than 100 liters [26 gallons].

That story here

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Lose Lips Sink Ships: On cruise, key Fox News exec admits lies regarding Obama’s alledged “socialism”

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Fox News exhaustively smeared Barack Obama with charges of “socialism,” a clarion call that rings piercingly throughout the right-wing to this day.  Last week Media Matters published audio of Bill Sammon, vice president of News and Washington managing editor at Fox, in which he clearly admits that his repeated allegations of Barack Obama’s socialism were merely manufactured, and were in his words a “mischievous speculation.” Cheeky monkey.

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Utah Legislators Choose Official State Gun

State trees, state birds, state flowers, state songs…states celebrate their histories, heritage, values, economies and much more by honoring things that in their minds make them special. Utah recently became the first to add a handgun to its official state identity.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert recently signed legislation making the Browning M1911 the state’s official gun. The designation honors John Browning, the designer of the semi-automatic pistol. Browning was born in Ogden, Utah in 1855. U.S. armed forces began carrying the gun in 1911.

In doing so, Utah  pre-empted all other right-wing states as the nation’s official bastion of redneck pecker-woods. This is what matters to the fine folks of Utah?   Gotta’ love the GOP.

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Evan Bayh “Comes Out,” Joins Fox News

In case you missed it last week, Democrat in name only and former Indiana Governor and Senator Evan Bayh is now an official fear/lie broker for GOP/Fox News.

"How much? And did you say "wardobe allowance?"

Michael Clemente, Senior Vice President of News Editorial for Fox said,”Senator Bayh’s decades of experience in the political arena and his participation in key decisions in Washington will lend a valuable point of view to the entire Fox News lineup.”  Clemente made no reference to Bayh’s exemplary undercover work for the GOP while in office.

Mr. Bayh, clearly pleased to finally be able to openly state his views without fear of personal identity conflict, obviously prizes his new situation and the opportunity to come out of the “democrat party” closet to work shoulder-to shoulder with like-minded co-workers as well as pundits he’s taken marching orders from for decades. He stated, “I’m pleased to offer analysis of public policy and politics to the millions of Americans who get their news from Fox.”

Higher salary, benefits and the protection of AFTRA/SAG, a complimentary designer wardrobe, what could be better?

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Rand Paul: Lose the NRC

WASHINGTON- Rand Paul’s 5-year budget plan, revealed Friday, includes dumping the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).  The NRC oversees safety and standards of America’s nuclear industry.

Asked why, Paul said, “Screw Fukushima.  As recent events show, nuclear power is completely safe.”

Pressed for more info, Paul continued, somewhat impatiently, “For Pete’s sake, both Ann Coulter and John McCain are on record saying that we have nothing to fear from nuclear power.  Big government has interfered with the nuclear industry for far too long.  Let’s cut `em loose.”

When asked about trace elements of radioactive fallout reaching the U.S., he said, “It’s not like we have to worry about every radioactive isotope that escapes containment. Consider it an early summer!”

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