Paul who?

Paul Sonderman

Paul Sonderman 2008

Paul Sonderman is a free-lance writer/producer/director based in Columbus, Ohio, active in two local food pantries.

Born smack in the middle of a middle-class, middle-American family of 9,  Paul survived childhood and Catholic schools to become a typical `60’s teen: rebellious, curious and politically active. Starting in 8th grade, he sang in garage/cover bands, thinking it would lead to a career in Rock and Roll.  He liked radio.  While in High School, Paul and a technically gifted neighbor kid ran a pirate AM radio station until the FCC got wise and persuaded them to cease.

Paul naively thought his generation different from those prior; in some ways, better.  Time reversed that belief as cultural icons of the period proved to be mere mortals.  As Madison Avenue embraced the counterculture and profit replaced passion, adult life beckoned.  Unprepared, Paul turned to college.  Social work looked good until he found its science requirements burdensome.

He dropped out, kept singing, worked in factories, performed in bars, scrubbed toilets, waxed floors, moved furniture, washed dishes, cooked, waited /bused tables, stacked firebrick, ran a press, drove a parts truck, got arrested, eluded police, painted houses, left town, changed schools, moved to Iowa, switched to Communications, stacked boxes of salad dressing, loaded feed trucks, worked in college and Public Radio, dropped out again to join a touring band, performed in many more bars and eventually returned to earn a degree in Communications:Radio/TV.

To his family’s amazement, Paul wound up in corporate America, wore suits to work, got married to a lovely woman and had kids. Like a good American, he dutifully bought much more stuff than needed. Seduced by decades of steady pay, good benefits and the distractions of family life, Paul was lulled into political lethargy.   Surrounded by conservatives in the corporate world, Paul bit his tongue and focused on his career, working late and traveling a lot.  His kids were growing and Paul was missing it.  Paul longed to spend more time with them.

He left his corporate nest, ultimately starting a video production/communications consulting firm in Westerville, Ohio.  He made less money but spent much more time with his family.

Having survived Nixon, Reagan and George Bush senior,  Paul was finally  confronted by grim reality in 2000 when George W.  Bush stole his first term as POTUS.   He suddenly realized that he no longer needed to bite his tongue–and that events of the day, too long ignored, demanded action.

Since then, Paul has actively commented on mostly conservative blogs, searching the net for facts to debunk GOP talking points, along with links that reported what was missing in the mainstream media…the total dismemberment of our democracy by the neocons.   It was like pissing into the wind, but he stubbornly persisted.   He declined an offer to guest blog in a rightie cesspool as its token liberal.

Paul likes to compare opposition sites with officially posted,  government-released data to rebut arguments using sources less likely to be considered partisan.  It’s easy to do and cuter than a basket of kittens.  He  practiced with a growing list of friends and acquaintances, who encouraged him to start his own blog, now known as “New World Odor”.

Paul is a life-long “bleeding heart” liberal, a practicing Catholic and a believer in social justice. In his free time, he looks for a steady gig, writes, volunteers and does food pantry work and tries to “pay it forward”. He loves music, photography, art, good food, dogs and kids.  Manufactured popular culture, racism, hate, war, imperialism, chain restaurants, Fox News and rote talking point right-wing pundits make his skin crawl.

30 Responses to Paul who?

  1. Irene Snyder says:

    Paul is one coooool cat! He is one of the best writers out there, and I am so pleased to read these articles (can we have some more, please?) on this new website. He’s kept us informed on the political front for a long important time span in the form of emails, but this format better suits his impeccable style. will be in contact soon, I’m sure. Paul has an infectious laugh, a wicked good sense of humor, and can sing and tear it up on the drums if provoked. I’ve known him for 25+ years and am honored to call him my good friend.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Ween, you make me blush. Thanks. (The check’s in the mail).

  3. Lady Nae says:

    Ditto! Ditto!

    …and he loves the blues.

    Great blog/website my FriendPaul

    Love ya

  4. Paul Sonderman says:

    Thanks for reading and letting me know. Love ya back.

  5. Guess! says:

    I just got a glimpse of this, but enjoyed it & hope to come back & see more. (I’m not political though. . but do like hot recipes).

    I was amused by your bio since I shared with you so much of that youth, music, & ’60-ish’ hippie politics. You did work hard. I remember. You & your family should be proud & you did eventually embrace your beautiful family with your time & presence.

    Keep up the good work! UH . . what’s a BLOG?

    You are the ONLY person I know that can get so
    bored & come up with outstanding & great crap like this! God, I hope you never get serious!

  6. Catherine says:

    Best bio on the web that I have seen.

  7. skyewriter says:

    What a resume you have, Paul!

    Hope you have a great Saturday; thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Really. I mean it.

  8. Paul Sonderman says:

    Thanks and Saturday turned out to be a wonderful day. Enjoy reading you and will definitely keep in touch.

  9. Joe says:

    Hey Paul,

    Intriguing place. Think I’ll hang around and do some perusing. I’ve seen your header zip by multiple times on AI and finally did a “pause” to go walking through your tulips. I think it was the big nose that finally lured me in! 🙂


  10. Paul Sonderman says:

    Well thanks for stopping and welcome back at your convenience.

  11. skyewriter says:

    Hey, Paul,
    I wasn’t sure where to put this, but I thought here might be appropriate.

    I created a new blogging award called the Funny Bone Award.

    You and your blog are among the first five recipients. Should you choose to accept this award please find details at my blog in the post titled: “The New Funny Bone Award.”


  12. Paul Sonderman says:

    Will do. Thanks, Skye!

  13. john forrest says:

    Paul forgot all his friends in Iowa who helped get him to where he is today.

  14. Phil says:

    I’ve known Paul since junior high. At that time, I was in one of those “garage bands” with him. We actually played one gig. He is a very talented guy…art, music, writing, and the “gift of gab.” He always speaks his mind and isn’t afraid to stir the shit. I love him like a brother…even though he still owes me money.

    Thanks for everthing, Phil

  15. Paul Sonderman says:

    Mr. Forrest,
    If true, realizing where I am today, why did I get “Thank You” cards from so many of my former college chums for my having “forgotten” them? “Don’t go changin’…”

  16. mrgnome says:


    I really loved your tagline, so i took it a step further 🙂
    I hope you don’t mind!

    best regards,

  17. Paul Sonderman says:

    Glad you like the concept. Nice embellishment. Looks cool. Thanks for stopping by and for designing the shirts.

  18. mrgnome says:

    Hi Paul,

    I’m glad you liked the T-shirt. I’ll send you a copy of the design as soon as i can figure out how to get it to you 🙂

  19. mrgnome says:

    Actually, You might like this one too. I assume you get the point 😉

  20. john forrest says:

    You adopted a snob attitude, a “I’m better than you”Type attitude and sniveled away. No one has heard from you.
    I’ve asked them. You’ve never attempted to contact anyone back here. They all say they’ve never heard from you.
    There were only3 college people at your wedding.

    No one has heard from your sisters.

  21. Paul Sonderman says:


    You’re not “right.” Not then, not now. I tried. It’s been 30 years, bro. Get some help.

  22. mrgnome says:

    Paul, wish I had a way of contacting you directly, but I’ve been playing again. Maybe this puts a smile on your face, or then again maybe a sad face… I call it “The Puppet Masters”

    ( Contact me directly on info(AT) )

  23. Paul Sonderman says:

    Again, Cool graphics. If you can get me a file of the NWO in any popular graphic format, I can do a post on it linking to you.

    My email is

  24. john forrest says:

    oh yes, i’m right. you’re the one who uses a.d.d. as an excuse. is the internet and your blogging your new toy? / /

  25. Paul Sonderman says:


    1) Yes I have ADD, almost 20 years now. 2) I’ve never used it to excuse anything. I treat my ADD and it doesn’t interfere with my life in any way. 3) I don’t consider this blog or the internet a “toy”.

    If you like NWO, feel free to comment on its content. If, however, you simply seek first aid for open sores I didn’t inflict or show up only to crawl up my ass like some sniveling little bitch, take it to my Face Book page, where banality belongs. I don’t want that crap here.

    Simple. Look me up on Face Book. Let it fly there, bro. Vent…or just go away.


  26. Harold says:

    Fantastic site, I enjoy reading through it.

  27. Paul Sonderman says:

    Thanks and welcome. I enjoy yours as well.

  28. MG says:

    Paul-got you up on my site! I hope my friends will be able to see what a great place you have here! BTW was reading through your bio-you and I have a lot of similarities! Our age, the love of music are a few! Cool!
    Uhmmm-you really took it that John guy! Whew!

  29. Skylark says:

    Hey……assclown……you CAN’T be both Catholic and Pro-Abortion. Get it? Apparently not.

  30. Paul Sonderman says:

    Where do I say I’m “Pro-abortion?” I’m Catholic and “pro-life,” but feel it’s above my pay grade to judge those who may be forced to make a grim decision that given a different set of circumstances, may likely result in an entirely different outcome.

    I offer my points of view but don’t impose my beliefs on others, since I feel that ultimately, each of us must answer for our actions. I won’t be held responsible for your behavior, nor you mine.

    I hold that while religion is “public,” faith is deeply personal. I’m suspicious of anyone who is overtly, chronically, indefatigably religious. I wonder who lurks behind the curtain? But to each his or her own.

    While I accept Catholicism, I at times disagree with the Church’s behavior. It is an institution and as such, suffers from ills inherent in all institutions. If that makes me a “bad Catholic,” so be it. I’ll have to answer for it.

    While this explanation may be more “nuanced” than some you routinely receive, despite your rudeness, I refuse to respond in kind. I feel that your name-calling serves no useful purpose. It hardly stimulates or enhances the free exchange of ideas.

    Nevertheless, thanks for reading and commenting.

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