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Nonverbal communication on the House floor

A little nonverbal communication from  Joe Crowley (D-NY) , who delivered a one-minute on the House floor. Thanks to Skewriter for posting this on her blog, November Fifth.

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Rachel Maddow: Scott Brown parody commercial

Politicians are known to be willing to say and do anything to get elected.  In my opinion, the right has elevated this characteristic of public office to new heights.  No lie is absurd enough, no premise empty enough to resist … Continue reading

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A Shot In My Junk

My wife teaches elementary school. Through the years, she’s regaled me with descriptions and anecdotes of 1st and 2nd graders, who tend to speak with few filters. Yesterday was no exception. Continue reading

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Child’s Love of “Alice in Wonderland” Nearly Kills Him

Beijing, CHINA:  A toddler barely escaped a tragic end when he took Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit’s advice and literally tried to “feed (his) head.” 14-month old Li Jingchao allegedly attempted to insert a pot sticker into his nose when … Continue reading

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Virgins Wait Due To Martyr SNAFU

HEAVEN: Allah reports that over 1000 virgins scheduled to greet 14 bomb-bungling Muslim fundamentalists whose bus loaded with explosives blew up early killing all of them before they could fulfill their mission must wait until better skilled martyrs arrive. The … Continue reading

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GOP Health Care Plan: “Don’t Get Sick”

Roy Blunt promised a plan but the GOP never generated one. What the GOP delivered is anything but comprehensive. It’s a mongrel made up of sundry components, the best of which could strengthen a plan but in no way can stand by itself as one. Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Obama Wasn’t Born AT ALL!

Confidential sources report the America’s 44th president, Barack Hussein Obama wasn’t born at all. Continue reading

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Friday Night Concert Clip: Blue Man Group/Tracy Bonham

If you’ve never seen the Blue Man Group live, you’ve missed one of the most entertaining nights of your life. I’ve seen them several times in different venues, from club dates to large outdoor pavilions and each time they presented a program designed to maximize the surroundings yet create a fun, exciting, interactive experience full of creativity, superb music and humor. They’re simply sensational. When I saw their “Rock Concert” iteration, Tracy Bonham opened for and then appeared with them. It was my first exposure to Bonham and she was phenomenal. Continue reading

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Joe Cocker Woodstock Translation

As much as I’ve always loved Joe Cocker, his unique style (I’d say inimitable but he was extremely vulnerable to impersonation–remember Belushi on SNL?) and his simply electrifying rendition of the Ringo Starr’s “A Little Help From My Friends” at Woodstock. Continue reading

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Kings Die at 50: Billy Mays and Michael Jackson

As you’ve certainly heard, the King of Pop’s demise was quickly followed by the King of “As Seen on TV,” Billy Mays. The King of Pop garnered round the clock coverage, shrines, platitudes, documentaries and live coverage. He was homilized and eulogized. The King of “Call Now?” Not so much…even though it would be fair to say that Michael Jackson’s negative publicity regarding pedophilia court proceedings aside, Billy Mays spent more time on TV than Jacko in the last decade, in death, he’s a mere dimple in Jacko’s chin. Continue reading

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