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Kevin is an idiot

I have been interacting on FaceBook with a conservative named Kevin. On one level he seems to be an okay guy but on another, he comes off as a bit of an idiot. Why? Because to prove arguments, he suggests … Continue reading

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Cucoon Congress in Plexiglass: “Melon Man” Dan Burton (R-IN)

“What this bill does is it would authorize a study to look at enclosing the chamber, the gallery chamber, with Plexiglas so that somebody can’t throw a bomb down on the floor and kill a lot of us,” Burton told the Rules Committee Thursday. Continue reading

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Fox News Host: Let’s Attack Canada!

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld — host of Fox’s “Red Eye” (more aptly named “Brown Eye” by virtue of the waste Gutfeld emits through it, ) chose to crawl up our ally, Canada’s ass, in a 4-minute segment engaging a dubious panel of what, “experts?”…hardly; intellectuals?, nope; government officials?, absolutely not. Exactly what the hell are these guys and why should America care about these scurrilous, absurd opinions? You tell me. Continue reading

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Why Does Anyone Listen to Andy Card?

Andrew Card has been a barnacle on the hull of the GOP ever since he latched onto Ronald Reagan. Continue reading

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