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Dr. West changes opinion of President Obama

Disregard most of the comments in reaction to this clip. I doubt that many of the posters have read Dr. West or know much of his work. Suffice to say that Cornel West is worth listening to…and as usual, I … Continue reading

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Study: Future World Water Shortage Spells Disaster

If current urbanization and climate trends continue, by 2050 more than one billion city dwellers will suffer as a dearth of water creates global panic. A study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences predicts that by the middle of the century, an estimated 993 million urbanites will have to make do with a daily water ration of roughly a bathtub full (less than 100 liters [26 gallons]. Continue reading

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Lose Lips Sink Ships: On cruise, key Fox News exec admits lies regarding Obama’s alledged “socialism”

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Fox News exhaustively smeared Barack Obama with charges of “socialism,” a clarion call that rings piercingly throughout the right-wing to this day.  Last week Media Matters published audio of Bill Sammon, vice president of News … Continue reading

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Evan Bayh “Comes Out,” Joins Fox News

Mr. Bayh, clearly pleased to finally be able to openly state his views without fear of personal identity conflict, obviously prizes his new situation and the opportunity to come out of the “democrat party” closet to work shoulder-to shoulder with like-minded co-workers as well as pundits he’s taken marching orders from for decades. He stated, “I’m pleased to offer analysis of public policy and politics to the millions of Americans who get their news from Fox.” Continue reading

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Teacher v. Private Sector Pay: Don’t Buy the Lie

These bastards (teachers) have it made. For an average minimum six-figure investment in their 6 or so years of education, teachers command a whopping starting salary from $25-53k, depending on location. The average new math teacher makes $38,211. Continue reading

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House Repubs Defund NPR

WASHINGTON- Well, they did it. After threatening for decades, majority House Republicans today passed legislation to deny funds  to National Public Radio (NPR). Convening an emergency committee Wednesday to take advantage of a controversy generated by an ambush interview in … Continue reading

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Let NPR Support Itself

Okay, enough is enough.  Today right wing blow-holes like Eric Cantor are bloviating about how their felonious ambush faux journalist James O’Keefe brought down another so-called bastion of the liberal media, PBS as Vivian Schiller, former President and CEO of … Continue reading

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NWO is Back

I’ve been letting New World Odor float in the ether for some time now, waiting for a good reason to return. In my last ADD med consult, my physician asked if I’d blogged lately and I admitted that I’d not. … Continue reading

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I’m Only Sleeping (Thank You!)

I sincerely thank those of you who put up with my wildly fluctuating productivity and even deeper thanks to those among you who comment. You make doing this worthwhile. I mention this not as a prelude to “deep-sixing” NWO, since I have no intention of doing anything of the sort. Continue reading

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Friday Night Concert Clip: Peter Gabriel, “Solsbury Hill”

To the uninitiated, Peter Gabriel could be somewhat intimidating, apparently dropped from another planet. His stage presence was carefully crafted and painstakingly performed. Critics claimed that it distracted from the music, which most agreed was top-notch. Continue reading

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