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Utah Legislators Choose Official State Gun

State trees, state birds, state flowers, state songs, states celebrate their histories, heritage, values, economies and much moreby designating special things to differentiates them and makes them special. Utah recently became the first to add a handgun to its identity. Redneck crackers. Continue reading

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NH GOP Rep Will Resign After Comments on Mentally Disabled

Sometimes one knows when it’s time to go. Others overstay their welcome and must be shown to door. Martin Harty ((R-NH), a New England politician, is such a man. Continue reading

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Facebook Lesson: Post at Your Own Risk

And therein lies the cruel reality of web content. Unlike spoken (unrecorded) words, a record remains. Once one posts, one must assume it can or may be seen by anyone, regardless of intent. Continue reading

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Obama on Equality for Women

The right is not known for its record of promoting or esteeming (other than objectifying) women. Ersatz leader, philosophical guru and GOP Cultural Minister Rush Limbaugh is known for his scathing insults toward Women’s Lib and to women in general.Theirs … Continue reading

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Let NPR Support Itself

Okay, enough is enough.  Today right wing blow-holes like Eric Cantor are bloviating about how their felonious ambush faux journalist James O’Keefe brought down another so-called bastion of the liberal media, PBS as Vivian Schiller, former President and CEO of … Continue reading

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Nature’s Way of Telling Us (We’re Assholes)

One of my all-time favorites of the period was Spirit, a west-coast band of formidable talent and creativity. Spirit had a decent following, but never matched the financial success of many contemporaries, despite writing some of the decades’ most memorable songs. Today, as I watched the oozing crude billow menacingly in the Gulf Coast, I recalled an old saw by Spirit that’s no less pertinent today than the year it was released. Continue reading

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Lazy Fast Food

The Double Down Chicken sandwich was born…a chicken sandwich made by cooks too lazy to actually “sandwich” its payload, for eaters who presumably for “health” reasons want to forgo the starch of a bun by substituting a truckload of fat or perhaps think they can get away with eating this shit pile with one hand. American genius! Continue reading

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Listening to XM/Sirius “Alternative Nation” this afternoon, I heard “Uprising,” by Muse.  Now, this isn’t what I typically listen to but its deep, infections pop hooks, solid, driving tempo, 80’s retro groove and Blondie lift found me shouting the chorus … Continue reading

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Friday Night Concert Clip: Peter Gabriel, “Solsbury Hill”

To the uninitiated, Peter Gabriel could be somewhat intimidating, apparently dropped from another planet. His stage presence was carefully crafted and painstakingly performed. Critics claimed that it distracted from the music, which most agreed was top-notch. Continue reading

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Air America Crashes

In case you hadn’t heard, Air America, the “progressive” talk radio network recently went silent. Having listened to it until recently, through two poorly-funded AM stations in Central Ohio that failed and having worked for a short period for one of them, it was obvious to me that the network was poorly run. Continue reading

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