Potty-mouth Democrat says ‘uterus’ on state House floor, creating GOP scandal

Potty Mouth Randolph

Republican tongues are wagging over “coarse” language a Democratic colleague used on Florida’s House floor.  As sunshine state rep Scott Randolph (D) debated a bill’s provisions to draw union membership fees from Floridian paychecks, he criticized his conservative counterparts by saying that Republican contrariness arises primarily when it benefits big business. As he spoke to the assembly, Randolph alluded to his wife, saying that she could  “incorporate her uterus” if it would keep the GOP from interfering with her reproductive rights.

The scandalized Republicans chided Mr. Randolph, saying that such potty talk was unwelcome and unacceptable in the midst of such an august body as the  House of Representatives.  To discipline him, they all lined up to smack his “pee-pee”.  When he grimaced in pain, they called him a “pussy”.

The entire, sordid tale is here

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