Boner/McConJob: “I Thought YOU Had the Budget!”


Today the two top dogs of the GOP Legislative Branch showed up at a press conference they had called specifically to announce completion of their updated budget (after failing to produce one containing actual numbers last week), only to find that unfortunately, one of their dogs  apparently ate it! I always use to hate when that happened!  By fifth grade, I stopped using it.  The nuns simply didn’t buy it!  Ruler on the knuckles for lyin’.  OUCH!

That’s right.  Second chance, THEIR press conference, THEIR “launch,”  still no budget.  All were there… reporters, lights, cameras, notebooks, digital voice recorders, a podium.

The presenters–one as tan as a pecan and the other as white as grade  school paste, sashayed in to deliver their  much-heralded,  “new and improved” iteration of the GOP alternative to Obama’s tawdry, irresponsible, socialistic plunge into America’s Last Days, his budget...except they “forgot” to bring a copy. (This is..A-W-K-W-A-R-D!!!… “Heard any good jokes lately? “)

At least when the dems were in the minority they remembered to turn in their homework.  Yikes!

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