Harrisburg, PA: GOP’s Joe Schmoe (“The Ho”) Just Doesn’t Know

pipewrench_00We Already Knew Joe’s a Tool

If taking money to perform acts one has no passion for makes you a whore, witness this latest Joe the Plumber clip. ” On tour”  in PA,  (yesterday grilled in Pittsburgh, today in Harrisburg) he admits he’s an authority on nothing, knows little about the Employee Free Choice Act, which he’s currently  personally appearing  to oppose and claims–get this–to be BIPARTISAN!

If  lies resulted in forced ingestion of Head CheeseMr. Wurzelbacher would need to consume about 15  pounds of the thinly sliced, glutenous concoction to atone for this one clip!  (Which given a name like Wurzelbacher, hardly seems punishment enough!)

WARNING–The “Head Cheese”link is NOT for vegans or the faint of heart!

Sweet Jumpin’ Moses in a party dress!

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